Scott Steiner

Scott Steiner Almost kills Independent Fighter (Video)

One of the most powerful and impactful fighters during much of the 1990s and the first decade of this century is Scott Steiner, with his highly developed muscles caused impact in the territories of the former NWA alongside his brother Ric since late Of the eighties , but when it undertook its alone race its performance catapulted to unsuspected heights in both WCW and later in WWE, and even later in what today is known like GFW Impact.

But out-of-quadrant scandals are what have kept him out of big business , so, like other veteran stars, Steiner has sought refuge in small independent US companies. One of them is the Outlaw Wrestling Organization (oWo) of Mississippi, where on the occasion of their fifth anniversary they decided to take Steiner as main attraction, in addition to the cast that normally works in the promotion.

During the stellar event, Steiner teamed up with Tony Dabbs to face Neil Taylor and Cameron Valentine, the undisputed contest: Dabbs has taken Taylor out of the ring and in the center of the ring Steiner dominates Valentine and applies a Flatliner, however Valentine does not know how to receive the punishment and falls awfully on his head. All his weight is received by his neck, which fractures amazingly. Here the video, courtesy of the amateur Dalton Winstead.

The image says more than a thousand words. The gladiator was treated in a timely manner and taken to a local hospital, where he was attended by qualified medical personnel. From there the gladiator recorded the following video telling his feelings about what he experienced on Saturday 22 where he almost lost his life:

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