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Seth Rollins: “My biggest Rival Is Dean Ambrose”

Three years after destroying The Shield , Seth Rollins is in a moment of creative drift within his career , with no relevance angle to a month-long WWE SummerSlam (2017). And when we now know that Kurt Angle may never get back into a ring of the company , a possible match of height disappears according to the story developed through WWE 2K18. Fight that would have reimpulsado to the “Architect” returning to him the role of rudo that his personage demands, condition with which it obtained its greater successes.

Seth Rollins on WWE 2K18
Seth Rollins on WWE 2K18
WWE will be in Salisbury, Maryland this Sunday for their “SummerSlam Heatwave Tour,” and Rollins gave an interview to Rob Petree, Delaware 105.9 . There he spoke of the impending event, reviewed his career and chose the best opponent of his career :

“Ironically, my biggest rival is also someone I met recently in alliance, Dean Ambrose . Dean Ambrose is someone with whom I took different paths once I destroyed The Shield and we had our hostilities, but we have offered great fights in the last years . I have made many enemies in these years in WWE. “

When will Rollins return to the orbit of a world title? Thus the fighter sees his immediate future in this sense:

“If it were for me, I would have another reign tomorrow, but you have to wait for those headlines opportunities. Our Champion now is Brock Lesnar on Raw, our Universal Champion, he is a force to be reckoned with and he is also someone who chooses to defend his title and fight on his own terms. Right now my focus is not there, but in the end I will come back and I would love to be Universal Champion sooner rather than later . “

Rollins finally responded to the rumors that pitted him against The Rock for the next WrestleMania . Rumor that he contributed to ignite after posting a controversial message on Twitter in response to an amateur.

“Obviously, ‘Rocky’ is a little busy these days with his Hollywood stuff, making movies, appearing on TV shows, and all kinds of good stuff. If the opportunity came, I would have no problem facing The Rock at WrestleMania, that sounds great . I am in the fullness of my career right now. The moment of The Rock has passed, already had its days, is an old man at the moment. I am young, youthful, and vibrant. I’m ready for everything . “


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