Enzo Amore

Shawn Daivari: “Enzo Amore Is Already Causing Discomfort In 205 Live”

Could Enzo Amore be the panacea that 205 Live needs? If finally the answer is affirmative, we can put ourselves in the skin of the new “gimmick” of Dolph Ziggler , then more will be valued the “entertainment” that the fight of quality. At the moment, Amore is already the new challenger to the WWE Cruiserweight Championship , after having left in the ditch four other fighters with a lot more value over the ring. A fight that nonetheless, was well received by the respectable. And those are big words coming from the cruise show .

Recently, Shawn Daivari , former WWE and brother of Ariya Daivari , one of the division’s top talents, went through the WrestlingINC podcast . There, he spoke, among other subjects, of 205 Live and its current status after the recent inclusion of Amore. Former manager of Kurt Angle and The Great Khali felt that this decision is not beneficial, and said that in just two weeks, the “Certified G” already enjoys little sympathy between the cast .

“He is someone who, in the end, is going to be inconsistent with it. The guy is burning, they separate him, the partner gets injured and they get on board: ‘Well, what do we do with him? Let’s put it here ‘and if it does not seem to fit well, what are they going to do next? Probably put it on SmackDown. I think he’s already upsetting 205 Live by talking to the guys in plan: ‘Well, you know, you have to do this this way, there’s no psychology in it, you’re just somersaults and throws . Everyone is in the plan: “You’re the worst fighter in the whole cast. Even if there were too many circus moves, you’re not even capable of doing those circus moves or the basic repertoire. “

Shawn Daivari is quite right, although the next fight against Neville in No Mercy (2017) is likely to raise an unprecedented expectation in the brief history of the cruise belt. After all, WWE has almost always proved to be a company in which the show prevails over quality wrestling itself. And if we have reached this point it is by the grace of the public. Amore is just another pawn and maybe a victim of circumstances .

The entire episode of the WrestlingINC podcast can be heard here .

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