Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels: “NXT Is Nothing Like The Business I Was In”

NXT will have its next fire on August 19 with TakeOver: Brooklyn III, and will try to finally leave behind the bad streak that lived after last year’s Draft. Triple H does not want to neglect the production of his own unique product, the only one that can escape in much of the hand of Vince McMahon . And the addition of Shawn Michaels to the Performance Center is assuming a quality leap backstage , luxury already commented by Bobby Roode , the champion of the brand.

Despite his performance within NXT, HBK also has time for his cinematic adventures . First came The Resurrection of Gavin Stone earlier this year, and now it’s the turn to another production, Pure Country: Pure Heart (released in the USA on August 1st). Michaels chatted with the radio program The Rack to promote the film, which made it clear that there will continue to be a gap in the world of celluloid :

“Honestly, I’ll try to take whatever opportunity comes up . I also had the opportunity last year to be part of a comedy; A parody of The Avengers and Star Wars that is supposed to be out next year; It’s a comedy and a great fun opportunity too. So while these opportunities come and there are open doors, I’m going to cross them . I understand that it is a very hard work path and there are not many people knocking at my door, but I am enjoying it to the fullest and I want to continue learning and keep working and improving. And certainly, if the offers are there and my calendar allows, I will be very happy accepting them. A fascinating and unique experience to be a part of. “

With “if the calendar allows me,” HBK unveiled its role in NXT, where already fully integrated, accompanies the brand in its travels around the world :

” Now I do, for the first time in a long time . You know, I’ve been working a little bit on the NXT Performance Center and I had not hit the road with them, and we came back and watched a lot of videos and stuff like that, but in my opinion the videos are not much use and sometimes you have To be there live to see it and get into it, I think, to help these guys, and if that’s my real job, I think it is, I wanted to hit the road and be a part of it and experience it, feel The NXT environment. I think it’s different from the rest of WWE and frankly, to anything else out there. The audience is different and vibrant and a phenomenal brand and wanted to get out there and check what it feels like taking the road (…) “

To “Mr. WrestleMania, ” his experience with NXT has meant a return to” innocence “within the wrestling business :

“I guess the commitment and closeness; What I enjoy most about Performance Center and NXT is culture, it does not look anything like the business I was in and I think there’s nothing you can call the wrestling business that looks like when you get into these aspects. I think that’s why I enjoy it the most. Everyone is together, they are a team, with very strong ties and it is beautiful to see and wonderful to be part of. For me, I am someone who comes from outside and from a different generation, I am well aware of not disturbing the environment, simply being part of it, because it is incredibly special and I think it needs to be protected as long as they can . So I say the culture, the environment and in general the positive energy that exists and the good relationship that everyone has;

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