Simon Gotch

Simon Gotch: “Everyone knows That Enzo Amore Is A Chump In The Ring”

Former WWE Superstar Simon Gotch has dedicated himself to telling anecdotes about many of the issues that happened to him during his time with the company. This time he talked about Enzo Amore and his Payback 2016 incident.

Gotch, now known as Simon Grimm on the independent circuit, recently participated in an interview for Among other things, Gotch talked about Amore, including how he fractured his own leg in NXT :

“I’ll say he believes in his own lies. He trusts 100 percent in himself, which ends up being a danger to him and to the others around him. He is an example of someone who has no excuse not to know wrestling, but who does not know.

” He broke his leg trying to counter a padlock to the wrist . Yes, that’s why he went out in a wheelchair at NXT, that’s how it happened: He broke his leg trying to counter the wrist. “

Regarding the Payback incident where Amore suffered a concussion , Gotch described the situation in great detail during the interview.

“He was almost touching the strings, maybe a quarter of a mile away, because obviously he was not going to let her be too close or Cass would take over. I took it and started to go ahead with it, but just finking, just holding it, but he lets himself go at full speed, makes the butter exit and boom! It strikes.

“I followed him and I saw him lying down, and I thought, ‘Old man, he’s selling the coup great.’ I went to pick it up, but I made it soft, because I’m careful about that, because I know how dangerous it is for someone to just pick you up with a pull, so I’m literally just fingers on the temples.

“He gets up and I see, ‘Okay, okay.’ Charles , the referee (actually the referee was D an Engler ), tells me that we are in repetitions, so I left Enzo and turned to the audience to warm it, but in doing so I see the sign of the X. Then I realize : ‘Hell, he’s knocked out!’ There was never any problem for me, because most people know that Enzo is a chump in the ring. “

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