Simon Gotch

Simon Gotch: “I Hated WWE, I Wanted To Get Out Of There”

Simon Gotch, known in the rings as Simon Grimm after leaving WWE, has spoken on some occasions about his work in the McMahon company, both in NXT and in the main cast, and has not kept the criticism.

Recently, Grimm was interviewed by Wrestle: List, where among other topics he talked about his work in WWE and the differences between NXT and the main cast. Here his declarations:

About his work in WWE:

“I was very unhappy. He had actually been quite sad for a while. It’s a strange story. The year before, Aiden English and I were not even in the Dallas special. I’ve always had a close relationship with Biff Busick or Oney Lorcan as you know him, and that time I said, ‘I hate this place. I want to get out of here, ‘and he smiled a huge smile on his face. If you’ve ever seen Biff smile you know he has a difficult smile to show, and that was because he saw me accumulated frustration and because I was really depressed about how we were being used. “

About the differences between NXT and the main cast of WWE

“A big difference between NXT and the main cast was that NXT made the recordings every month or every couple of months. It was as if you knew where you were going or not. If you do not use it on a recording you know that you will not do anything for the next few weeks, so you have time to work, think about new ideas.

“But in the main cast everything progresses with day to day, and although you have an idea and tell me what they like for an angle, the next week say they do not have time to start it. And another week goes by and they do nothing. “

On a possible return to WWE:

“I would not say that the door is closed, because wrestling is like that. Serena Deeb is back in the Mae Young Classic and I’m pretty sure everyone thought she was blacklisted after she was released. In fact, I heard he had retired a couple of years ago.

“Mickie James, Alundra Blayze, Drew McIntyreThey are people that people thought they would never go back to. Personally, I think that, if I were to return, the right circumstances would have to be given. I was not happy with how they used me when I was there. “

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