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Six thousand dollars For A Bobby Lashley Fight? – TNA controls Its Presentations In Independent Circuits

Since the Tenth Conference of the Elite League we have seen changes in the participants. Instead of Black Houses entered King Scorpion ; Instead of Cybernetic , Blue Diamond ; And instead of Bobby Lashley , Teddy Hart .

4:40 and Cybernetic left because of injuries, but Lashley’s change has not yet been justified by the Elite League itself.

However, the Wrestling Observer points out that the departure of the World Champion of Complete TNA is due to an economic cause . According to the same report, TNA is controlling Lashley’s performances on independent circuits – in fact, a promoter who had brought the American fighter now had to negotiate with the company.

And the company run by Dixie Carter intends to charge six thousand dollars for each Lashley appearance . That would have been the reason he came out of the Elite League and Teddy Hart would replace him.

It seems that six thousand dollars is much more than what Lashley was getting before TNA took over their presentations . For the Elite League this does not seem to represent a big problem: it is true that the changes create an image of insecurity to the project, but – in terms of wrestling – the substitutes are doing a job that can even be considered better than the one made by the contenders Who started the tournament .
On the other hand, Teddy Hart – technically speaking – is better fighter than Bobby Lashley and is being properly promoted in the Elite League like heir of the Hart dynasty
For the World Heavyweight Champion TNA there also seems to be no big consequences, even though the tournament has been withdrawn, it has its guaranteed payment (with a contract with TNA very similar to that of Moose ) . The perspective is another for TNA, since the costs of its decision will be reflected in the numbers of its finances .

Reviewing Lashley’s stakes in the Elite League , we saw him compete on the First , Fifth, and Ninth Days. He beat Rush , lost to Ultimate Guerrero, and defeated Xtreme Tiger , respectively.

Although his participation was stellar, the public does not seem to miss him. 6 thousand dollars (or approximately 5,300 euros) is equivalent to just over 113,000 Mexican pesos. Do you think Bobby Lashley’s fight is worth it?

We left with his last participation in the Elite League, where he faced Xtreme Tiger.

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