SmackDown Vs Raw
SmackDown Vs Raw

SmackDown Vs Raw: Replicas Of Royal Rumble 2017

This week we had two big shows after what we live in Royal Rumble. Let’s see who gets the win this week.

SmackDown Vs Raw

SmackDown vs Raw: Raw saw a good start to the show starring the Universal Champion Kevin Owens, the Champion United States Chris Jericho and Braun Strowman who demanded a title shot Kevin Owens, to the end Mick Foley confirmed that struggle for the night. On the other hand, the first fight of the night was very good considering the quality of Chris Jericho and the great talent of Sami Zayn , who took a tremendous victory.

 SmackDown Vs Raw 2017

SmackDown Vs Raw 2017

SmackDown saw the 16 – time World Champion WWE John Cena ,who spoke a few words to the public about his reign and about the upcoming removal chamber where will be defending his championship against 5 other superstars . To end the segment Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt interrupted Cena, who were going to attack, but were met with Luke Harper who teamed with John Cena to face Wyatt and Orton. The latter took the victory after an exciting showdown in pairs.

The initial segments and struggles of both shows were very good, well achieved by their protagonists and generating great reaction from the public. Point for both shows. SmackDown vs Raw.


In the red mark we could enjoy a fight three against three mixed. On the one hand Bayley teamed with Cesaro and Sheamus to defeat, in a good fight, with a lot of speed, the trio of Charlotte Flair , Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows . Moreover we saw Enzo and Cassdefeat Rusev and Jinder Mahal , in what looks like the continuation of this rivalry.

In the blue show  only we had an open challenge of Champions on SmackDown Couple , American Alpha , which answered all pairs of the brand, including The Usos , Breezango , The Vaudevillains , The Ascension and Rhyno with Heath Slater.

This point takes Raw that delighted us with a good fight between thirds, in addition that in SmackDown we did not enjoy much of the fight that was armed between all the pairs. SmackDown vs Raw.


In the red show only we enjoyed a fight between Sasha Banks and Nia Jax , who tore apart “the boss” quickly, who continued to attack finished the fight. Bayley tried to save Sasha Banks, but already the damage was done, a segment somewhat poor.

The blue mark gave us a contest between Carmella and a local fighter named Delilah Dawson, who despite his attempts ended defeated by Carmella. In addition we live in a great struggle between couples Becky Lynch with Naomi , against Mickie Jamesand the Women ‘s Champion SmackDown, Alexa Bliss. A very interesting fight that let us see the talent that the women have to finish with Naomi covering the Champion.

This point is taken by SmackDown for the great fight of couples that gave us and the great speed of that contest with Naomi covering the champion. SmackDown vs Raw.


The red mark showed us a great fight in the cruiserweight division between Mustafa Ali , who has become a fan favorite and Tony Nese, a great athlete with a lot of talent. In addition Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman appeared to challenge Goldberg to fight “the showcase of the immortals” WrestleMania.

In the blue show only we saw a short fight between Dolph Ziggler , who took victory over Kalisto . Afterwards, Ziggler intended Kalisto keep attacking, but Apollo Crews came out to defend the Mexican.

This point is taken by Raw, who takes advantage of having an extra hour, but this occasion were not fights or “stuff” segments, but have their history and transcendence. SmackDown vs Raw


Raw introduced us to a struggle for the Universal Championshipbetween Kevin Owens and Braun Strowman. Fight in which he was involved Roman Reigns who attacked Strowman to cause the disqualification of Kevin Owens, but at the same time, make Owens retain his championship. To close the show had the presence of Triple H who challenged Seth Rollins  to a face to face. The surprise of the night was Samoa Joe , who attacked Rollins before he could get close to Triple H and also for public misfortune, out injured the knee again.

SmackDown gave us a very good fight, action – packed thrill talent and where the Intercontinental Champion  Dean Ambrose faced AJ Styles . This fight was full of chemistry, both Styles and Ambrose showed up very well and the fight flowed naturally, being the best of the last weeks and, of course, Styles was again involved. To end the show The Miz and Baron Corbin some blows were distributed to close a great show.

This point is very difficult to decide, on the one hand the debut of Samoa Joe (segment) takes the palms in Raw, but in SmackDown Ambrose Vs. Styles (fight) stole the night, so the point is for both.



What do you think, Raw has improved compared to previous weeks? Does it require the presence of someone important to SmackDown ?, SmackDown is still better despite what Raw has done? Leave your comments.


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