Smacking Talk

Smacking Talk: Daniel Bryan Reveals Another Dirty Secret

During all of last week, and even weeks earlier, there was a lot of talk about Kurt Angle’s “secret,” which he finally revealed during Raw last week: Making public knowledge that Jason Jordan was his son, conceived during his Time of student and given in adoption.

The former Olympic wrestler had to live in uncertainty for many years, until he was able to meet his biological father, who turned out to be the former WWE World Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist.

The revelation caused all kinds of reactions in the struggle, from laughable to annoying notables. The tawdry story went on yesterday as we watched Kurt Angle look jubilant as his son, Jason Jordan simply annihilated Curt Hawkins.

However, an opinion was lacking. It was announced today that, although Talking Smack was canceled by the WWE Network , Renee Young and Blue Brand General Manager Daniel Bryan would welcome a new program, Smacking Talk , which was exclusive to the social network Tout.


The episode unlike Smack Talking, which always ended up being controversial, became hilarious, because the invited to the talk was neither more nor less than the former teammate of Jason Jordan, Chad Gable, whom Daniel Bryan confessed to him that he had That to give a secret, but it was not going to be by means of the cellular , but it had written it in a letter, to the old school, here the letter:

Renee Young was in charge of opening the letter and showing it to Gable:

“I’m your father … Vivaaaaaaa !!!”

With a clear reference to the classic episode V of Wars of the Galaxies

And as a clear mockery of Angle’s confession, Smacking Talk killed Raw’s story and made much of the WWE Universe cause to die of laughter.

Of course, we have to remember that Smackdown is not the first time that makes fun of Raw, we will have to go back to the origin of the WWE Universal Championship, to show the corrosive criticism that the blue mark has made of its red counterpart.

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