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Smacking Talk Is Also Canceled

One of the extracurricular news that caused the most stir last month was the weekly cancellation of Talking Smack . The space was a great tool for talent to regularly develop their characters, and despite the alleged lack of audience, it was the best WWE Network program with Bring it to the Table, which is why Vince McMahon probably does not want its continuity In the long term .

Due to the discontent of their two main drivers, Renee Young and Daniel Bryan launched last week through Tout a “pirate” version of Talking Smack, called Smacking Talk , whose first delivery was described as “disconcerting” by the WWE itself. A well-known qualifier, among other things, was the lavish revelation that Chad Gable was Bryan’s son, parodying the Jason Jordan and Kurt Angle soap opera .

A week later, and after yesterday’s remarkable edition of SmackDown Live, many expected a second episode, but the General Manager of the blue brand confirmed something that was coming:



“Smacking Talk X Talking Smack X Is Talk Smack THE NEXT?”

  “Keep doing it until you get fired. And so you can go to NJPW for the 2011 G1! ” Meanwhile, others have not taken so much joking the issue , criticizing the lack of freedom in WWE:

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