“Stay Out Of my Life”: Paige Alberto In The Airport Incident

The situation remains unclear at all:

There is a complaint for domestic violence being responsible Alberto the Patron (José Rodríguez) .
Paige says there were no problems between him and his partner, the now Unified Champion GFW Impact .
Global Force Wrestling says it is investigating the events on its own and will support the authorities in any circumstances, even though the wrestler has stated that GFW is his home.
A few minutes ago TMZ has published an audio where they reveal , not very clear way, several sentences of the conflict in which, apparently, nobody is more involved than the two fighters.

In the audio you can hear the following sentences of what the voices of the couple look like:

Alberto: (inaudible) … Call the police. Do it do it. Bring the cops.
Paige: Just stay out of my life … Leave me alone, I’m trying to get away from you …
Alberto: (inaudible)
Paige: All the time!
Alberto: (inaudible)
Paige: Yes, you deserve it! You deserve it!
Alberto: I’m going to file charges against you. And you present charges against you.
Paige: You file charges, you file charges, if that gets you away from me!

As we mentioned at the beginning, the situation is still not very clear, and continues to present inconsistencies in all versions , because according to TMZ now, several witnesses did see the gladiators discuss, and after the fact, Paige would have run away Far from the Mexican. In addition to witnessing as an element of security at the airport he went to talk to Alberto, but only to get his opinion, with no intention of arresting him.

TMZ also mentions that he has tried to contact the fighters and their representatives but to date no one has wanted to give an official version of the facts. The same medium published the following photo of Paige after what happened :

Already before SUPER STRUGGLES has spoken that the situation of Paige and Alberto ends up sounding like the story between the legendary punk couple: Nancy Spungen and Syd Vicious , situation that every day seems to be closer to reality.

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