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Steve Austin: “Kazuchika Okada Is Handsome, And Fight On!”

Many fighters who have been stars in their countries of origin have made the leap to WWE, but without achieving the expected success, some for the language, others for not acclimatizing to the culture.

Kazuchika Okada , who has starred alongside Kenny Omega, the two
highest rated fights in history , is a star of great proportions, but would fit in WWE?

WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin on his Steve Austin Show podcast said:

“I do not know what they would do with Okada, well, I mean, hell, what would you do? Obviously, push it to the top, but I do not know, I really do not know. He is a handsome guy and, hell, he knows how to work hard, he knows how to do everything. He is a handsome guy and knows how to fight!

“She is a superstar in Japan and is already a big star for the public of the United States. WWE always wants to have the best talent they can find, but it’s not just about bringing it, because if they do, they need to know what they’re going to do with it.

“Nakamura has been and is a guy who works hard and is very charismatic, but his push has been confusing for me. I could not put it another way: it has been confusing. The King of Strong Style … I love that character and I love the way it sounds, but I should show people why it’s dangerous. He’s not the biggest guy in the cast, but he’s dangerous because he’s the king of the Strong

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