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Steve Austin: “Roman Reigns Would Have Dazzled In The Era Attitude”

With the decline of Hulk Hogan , WWE had to wait years to find another face of the company so profitable. John Cena played that role for more than a decade and it seems that the torch pass this time will be very complicated again . Retirement? Of The Undertaker has supposed a cycle end that today is taking its toll, as already we knew by the troubling figures revealed by Dave Meltzer , and Roman Reigns does not seem to be able to exercise of lifeguards .

Despite having become the leader of the wardrobe , his character and performance on the ring still do not convince many of the fans. All this, after three consecutive WrestleMania starings and a very likely fourth on the horizon. And is that the big question of its change to rudo has already been debated by own and strangers to the satiety, being Steve Austin one of the most incisive .

Recently, Jimmy Traina, of the podcast Off The Board, interviewed “The Texas Rattlesnake,” who came to promote the sixth season of his Broken Skull Challenge television show. There, the legend spoke of Reigns and took advantage of much of the talk, as usual, to defend the work of Samoan :

“I think Roman is a star and I think WWE needs to follow the path they’re going with. They do not need to change it so rudely in an arbitrary way to please the fans … I think Roman is a star. Now, with that said, is there still room for learning and improvement for him? Oh, hell, yes. By leaps and bounds. It is far from where it will be in three or four years. But at this point in his career, with a few ideas of bookeo not very good, but with a learning curve on his side, is where he has to be and is a top guy in that cast and will continue to improve and have Than to do it, because he is not a veteran

Then the praise was raised to consider that RR had meddled in the years that Austin best knows, those of the Attitude Era :

“You put this guy on this line during Attitude Era, with that cast full of Hall of Fame members and guys who still have to go in, sacred cows, and I think this guy would have dazzled because the competition was very hot, Hard and fierce. It was sinking or swimming . You had a lot of guys out there with the knives up and if you got in their way they would crack you, so I think he would have thrived in the Attitude Era and right now, with his looks, his size, his physique, he’s going to be Good and a great star “.

Some other anecdotes and reflections of Steve Austin on the podcast Off The Board can be heard here .

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