Sting: “I Did everything I Could Do In This Business, I’m Satisfied”

A year and a half after his official retirement, announced during his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, many fans still hope to see Sting fight again . A Utopia, however, nourished by its own protagonist, who has not closed the doors definitively to return for a final combat, that to take place, would be against The Undertaker . However, the alleged withdrawal of the “Deadman” is another twist to the difficulty of this dream duel.

Steve Borden was a luxury guest at the recent Big Time Wrestling event in Syracuse, New York, where he gave an interview to NBC Almira . “The Icon” briefly reviewed his career, dwelling on the moment of the formation of NWO in the extinct WCW:

“Fans of wrestling and wrestling themselves were changing, fans wanted to see something a bit more crude, a little darker, and a little more mysterious . One of the defining moments was at Dayton Beach, Luger and I were in the ring, along with Hall and Nash . Hogan becomes “Hollywood” Hogan and the fans filled the ring with garbage, throwing trash and I in fetal position, hoping not to take a blow. But that started a crazy time in wrestling . It was a defining moment in wrestling, the characters changed. “

Sting recalled his fighting appearance, referring to Ric Flair , a figure unfortunately now very much in vogue, which always provided a fundamental support for his rise in industry.

“Ric was an established name, huge, national – probably also international – and he was just a kid, the typical fighter they used to open shows. Ric had an opponent who was injured and the promoter – Dusty Rhodes , who was fighting while working as a promoter – said, ‘We have to find someone for Ric’ and put the kid, Sting, there with Ric Flair in the first Clash Of Champions “.

And yes, as you can expect, there was a veiled reference to a hypothetical comeback, and for that, Sting was questioned about his last match , back in September 2015 against Seth Rollins , under WWE Night of Champions.

“I can not complain. The point is that in the last fight I had, yes, I got injured and it was a bad injury. But I went out there to fight with one of the best, Seth Rollins, and it was for the WWE World Championship. I mean, what a great way to leave. A world title bout, I can not complain , no complaints. I did everything I could do in this business, I’m satisfied . “

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