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Stone Cold Explains Why Roman Reigns Should Not Change To Rude

Much has been said about a change of side for Roman Reigns , due in large part to the adverse reaction it receives from fans every time it comes out to compete in WWE. However, Reigns remains as a technician despite the fans asking for change.

Stone Cold Steve Austin spoke on his podcast, The Steve Austin Show, about Roman Reigns, praising his work in the ring , and explaining why WWE should not turn “The Big Dog” into rude:

” I think we have to keep it in the way it is and not change it just to make the fans happy, because if they are going to change it to rude, they need to push it even harder. So, if you were tired of him as a coach because he was pushed too hard, he will not like you either.

“So if you continue down the road you lead, but then it becomes rude in an organic way, when the time comes, the boy will be fine. He still has things to learn in the ring. He still has to work to reach a higher level, but in my opinion he is a superior type . “

Comparing the reaction of fans of Reigns to John Cena:

” John Cena has been at the top for over 10 years and has had an absolutely phenomenal career, but sometimes he still has those chants split. However, he has been able to have a strong mindset to let that affect him. That’s John Cena’s confidence. I think Roman Reings has the same kind of self-confidence. Know how to overcome those bad songs “
Stone Cold Steve Austin: “Roman Reigns Needs To Be Tough For People To Love”

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