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SummerSlam: Paul Heyman Could Get What He Could Not Do In 2006

In recent weeks has been circulating the rumor that Paul Heyman would be influencing the creative team of WWE for SummerSlam .

Many fans are praying that Mr. McMahon will not repeat the same thing he did 10 years and eight months ago when he buried another former WWE Ring Of Honor World Champion and weight to Heyman’s greatest creation, ECW .

When the ECW came back now with the WWE label, the intention was to combine new fighters with the experienced legends of the extreme brand. One of the highlights from the first moment he set foot in the ring of the new ECW was CM Punk.

Punk’s style, mixed martial arts moves (that did not do him anything in his UFC debut ) , his average physique and his belief Straight Edge, fell in love with the faithful public of the ECW, the public of the new ECW, the Public of the WWE, of the fight, and, especially, the father of the extreme.

Como sabrán, ECW en su regreso, tuvo dos PPV de forma exclusiva: One Night Stand y December To Dismember, siendo este PPV, donde se daría la gran consagración de Punk, ya que Heyman lo quería como campeón de la marca en la lucha de Cámara de Eliminación ante el entonces monarca, Big Show, Bobby Lashley, Rob Van Dam, Hardcore Holly y Test.

However, despite Punk’s recommendation as ECW champion, Mr. McMahon preferred former United States Champion Bobby Lashley . Heyman tried to reason with the top boss of the company to change his decision, but he remained firm, and Heyman, after the event, left WWE with his young promise eliminated first from the fight and with the boss’s favorite raising the title Of its creation in the only extreme elimination chamber fight.

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