Superstar Would Return To WWE Tonight On SmackDown

A major WWE Superstar was seen yesterday behind the scenes on WWE Raw , and as it was not used in this show, it could be assumed that their return is almost a fact tonight on WWE SmackDown Live .
According to reporter Mike Johnson of the web site Pro Wrestling Insider , the talented Shelton Benjamin is the person who was in Raw’s Backstage and who is already preparing everything for his return tonight from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Recall that the return of “The Golden Banner” was planned for July last year, however, an injury to the rotator cuff of his arm was detected at the last minute and had surgery.

Only a week ago it was reported that he had reached a new agreement with WWE and that he had already officially signed a contract. The writer Lennard Surrao of SportsKeeda says:

“With John Cena’s boat jump to Raw, the blue mark is in strong need of big names as the PPV Hell in a Cell 2017 approaches . Perhaps Shelton Benjamin is not John Cena, but he is certainly a popular star who will be making his return to the company after seven long years. Nostalgia alone will give SmackDown a big boost.

“The nimble Superstar is recognized as one of WWE’s biggest failed opportunities and we hope the company will use it the right way this time around.”

Connoisseurs, what do you think of Shelton Benjamin’s return to WWE? Against whom would you like to be their first rivalry?

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