Taboo Tuesday Would Be A Special Episode Of SmackDown Live

“Power to the people” is a song by John Lennon that popularized a motto known first hand by WWE fans. Taboo Tuesday and Cyber ​​Sunday drank of this spirit, recovered later by John Laurinaitis during his term as General Manager of Raw. Giving people what they want has always been a long debate within the industry, and it seems that in these terms, the company is not very favorable , as the last show where the public could choose stipulations and rivals goes back to the year 2011 .

That’s why many were surprised by the recent news that WWE had re-registered the term “Taboo Tuesday,” in disuse since the sunset of that show back in 2005. PWInsider predicted that this move would be the first step to the effective return of the Event within the product schedule. Now, the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter sheds light, stating that the “patent” would be used as a designation for a special episode of SmackDown Live ; Therefore the return in the form of PPV is discarded.

According to WON, the blue brand wants to offer a postin show sensation that it recently tries to conjure up , in order to regain its pulse and score distance with Monday Night Raw. Of course, by spirit from the separation of brands, SD Live is the ideal scenario for this concept, and by nominative evidence (it is issued every Tuesday night: “Tuesday”), another much more. Offering people a (limited) possibility of decision, would enhance the qualification of “Land of Opportunities”.

SmackDown has offered three special episodes following last year’s Draft: Episode 900 (to be remembered by an anthological return of The Undertaker ), Wild Card Finals (latest show of 2016) and the most recent Superstar Shake-Up. For now, the blue faction defeats its competitor, as Raw remains in two specials: Raw Halloween and the corresponding Superstar Shake-Up.

WWE bet so again by its second mark in discord, but the most notorious conclusion is that it again gives prority to its weekly values , when it would be logical to reserve the concept for a PPV. On the other hand, it also avoids the cost of realization (taking into account the policy of cuts ), as well as canceling a potential saga if the old experiment does not work.

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