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Talking Smack Would Have Been Canceled Due To Lack Of Hearing

Within this infobesity that WWE exercises in the last years, it is certain that we have been able to find stimulating programs outside the fighting content itself. One of them is Talking Smack, which yesterday we learned of its sudden cancellation as a weekly delivery , becoming monthly content , equating in this way with Raw Talk, which is issued after each PPV of the chronology.

Of course, the company did not give the reasons behind this decision, publishing a brief statement informing that the change is based on “the number of visits and searches of subscribers.” Does this mean that your cancellation is due to a lack of hearing? Speculation continues to roll between the IWC, and point out that again Raw does not want SmackDown to prevail; Talking Smack is a much more stimulating program than Raw Talk, and surely the company’s leadership is aware.

It seems that this weekly cancellation has not only caught the WWE Universe by surprise, as Renee Young hinted that she was not informed , showing her astonishment to discover it through a fan via Twitter. But not only the Canadian wanted to express her dissatisfaction, The Miz also joined the “condolences”, with a resounding RIP (DEP) in one of her tweets:

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