The Concept Of Talking Smack Was The Idea Of ​​A Former WWE Manager

Talking Smack was one of the revelations of last year in the division of marks, that at the time was much requested by the fans. The show hosted by Renee Young and Daniel Bryan attracted viewers because of the creative freedom of the guest fighters.

However, due to a decision by Vince McMahon, Talking Smack was canceled only as a weekly show , as the WWE Chairman will instead bet on a monthly format, as it does with Raw Talk, which is issued after every PPV of the Red mark

The cancellation of Talking Smack had a big impact on the fighters who were part of it , even the fans started a digital movement called “Save Talking Smack” so that the program returns to its original format.

Among those who expressed their opinion on the matter was Armando Estrada , known for being the manager of Umaga in his debut, the former WWE wrote a brief text that went to Twitter where he revealed that Talking Smack was his invention.


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