Muscles used in wrestling

The Dominating Muscles used in Wrestling

As we all know wrestling is one of the entertaining but brutal and aggressive. To get win or to pint your opponent wrestler you must have knowledge of various tricks and various strategies to make your opponent fall in the ring. So body workout is one of the most important things for a wrestler. A wrestler’s muscles demand heavy neck and grip based exercises. The most important you need to focus on biceps, thighs and abdominal muscles as it is essential for a wrestler to make these muscle stronger. Here we have listed the dominating muscles used in wrestling.

 Different types of muscles are used in different wrestling activities like arm wrestling requires complete training i.e you need to  focus, you need to lift weight in high number of repetitions.



Bicep muscles are used to toss and push opponent in wrestling. You can use your biceps to efficiently throw your opponent to the mat or outside the ring. Wrestler can use his arm muscles to move his target to the opposite side and hit him on the ground. Biceps pull get your opponent down to his knees, you will perform this move and rotate around target, then you will push your weight on target’s back to win a take down. Biceps are performed using dumbbells to tone your muscles and increase muscles mass.



While playing a wrestling match, whenever you try to lift or push your target, you use your thigh muscles to do that. Hence it is very important for a wrestler to strengthen his thigh muscles, one can do leg extension exercise with the help of machine.It is possible to do it without using any gym equipment. You can perform piggyback lifting, lunges and squats.



Core muscles that are used when you are wrestling with someone are your abdominal muscles. Abdominal muscles are engaged in every activity and every move of wrestling. It helps you to finish take down and escape from target. These muscles give you strength when you life your body up and down to the mat. You can strength your abdominal muscles by using crunches exercise in which you life your upper torso from the floor. You can also perform planks to make abdominal muscles stronger. To build up abdominal muscles you need to perform at least 100 crunches per day. As you move on you need to make it difficult i.e. increase number of crunches that will help you to improve your strength and will make you healthy.

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