The Future Of Struggle Underground Is Threatened By Financial Problems

The economy has always been a major problem for Underground Fight, a show with high production costs, low income numbers and that has not been able to generate the expected ratings. A show not too profitable, in other words. And is that despite offering a different product, fresh and generally quality , things have not been reflected in the same way when doing a general analysis.

For that reason was doubted about a second season at the end of the first, like a third at the end of the second, and now, with the early conclusion of the third, we still do not know for sure if we will see a fourth. And is that, according to the latest information released by Wrestling News World , internally there is much uncertainty regarding the continuity of the show in 2018. Is this the end?

Struggle Underground started in 2014 as a project allied to the Triple A, company of which took much of the talent. What differed from the rest, however, was the fact that a program on wrestling and not just of wrestling. That atypical format that characterized it allowed a more supernatural and complex context, well received by strict hard fans.

Focused mainly on the Latin audience (like its broadcaster, The King Network), LU was able to position itself as one of the most prestigious settings within the business and even drew the attention of some of the most renowned names on the international stage with the passage Of the years, soon to join a cast of first level. Personalities like Ricochet (Prince Puma), Rey Mysterio, Alberto the Boss, Johnny Mundo or Cage, to name but a few, speak of an elite squad . Such was the reception that the show was contracted by Netflix at the beginning of the year.

The days of Underground Fighting might be numbered since current owners are not able to finance next season unless they can find new sources of income (get new investors). Struggling Underground has been looking for potential additional investors hoping to record the fourth season in mid-November, which would then be broadcast in late January 2018. “

Meanwhile, the talent has not been informed about the future of the program, which has caused enough discomfort among the workers. The problem is that even the directive knows exactly what will happen before the end of the year, although if anyone is giving a banquet is Triple H and WWE, they are looking out of the corner.

“The Underground Fight cast has been extremely frustrated by the lack of communication , but no one in the company wants to admit that they may have to close down if they can not afford it and there is no way to know if one way or another a new investor can be assured of Time to make the recordings at the end of the year.
“WWE has been looking closely at the whole situation as there are several contract wrestlers in which WWE would be interested if they were to become free agents. Some of them are under long multi-year contracts that commit them to more ‘cyclical seasons’, which at this rate could be up to five years. “

What do you think? Are you worried about the Underground Fight situation? Will there be a fourth season? What talents would you like to see in WWE? Leave your opinions in the comment box.

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