The Great Khali

The Great Khali Returned And Helped Jinder Mahal Retain The WWE Championship

The Battleground stellar event came to an end, Randy Orton challenged Jinder Mahal to a Punjabi Prison fight for the WWE Championship. After a rather slow evening the Hindu and the Viper closed the event at an even lower rate . The surprise was the return of the Great Khali, who helped his compatriot to retain his title.

The fight centered on a Mahal who could not escape Orton, who seemed not to want to be there , the pace of the fight was slow, with a couple of moments of importance as when one of the brothers Singh climbed the Construction to prevent the victory of the Viper, only to fall from a pronounced height on the table of one of the commentators.

Then there were exchanges of fist punches, silletazos, and even broke the cage to use the bamboo as a combat instrument. Nevertheless, the songs of the fans noted that the fight was not going well at all.

The final was a surprise, because when Randy Orton was about to win the victory, the Great Khali returned to help his compatriot beat the challenger to beat him and give him a chance to retain the title.

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