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The Hardy Ould Sue GFW For The Broken Universe

And just when it seems that resolution is coming, we return to the same. It seems that at the moment there has been no agreement for the Broken Universe nor is it close to completion. In our last update of no more than a month ago we looked forward to a prompt conclusion, something that the Hardy family also seemed to believe if we relied on the encouraging messages they made public then. Today the picture looks even uglier than before, as the worst scenario could be about to occur.

We are talking about that justice could get in hand and be a judge in this dispute that seems to have no end . There are not many alternatives for Matt, Jeff and family, as in the words of the same GFW President Ed Nordholm, in declarations with Sports Illustrated , his company has stopped negotiating the rights of the characters.

“The company has spent millions of dollars making television last year, including all shows where we incorporate several aspects of Broken Brilliance. I do not know if Jeff and Matt made any other investment but that does not change what he said in his contracts about who owns the intellectual property. If they ever invested it was something they never notified me, but saying that they paid the show’s costs is ridiculous.

“I stopped thinking about that (the negotiations). We have a show to do and a company and a brand to attend. We have things at our disposal that are more important than solving the Broken Brilliance issue. I made a genuine effort to solve something that would benefit the Hardy and that was a good gesture for Matt. We did not come to a conclusion and ready, we went over the page. We will not continue with that, I am not interested in opening a new dialogue. I’m not interested in opening a new conversation. We did our best, it did not happen and I will not negotiate all over again. “

President Of Impact Wrestling Says WWE Has No Interest In Broken Universe

As expected, the manager’s words kicked off another batch of darts against him and the formerly known TNA by the Hardy / Sky marriage. The first to respond was Reby, who, how could it be otherwise, railed against his “friend” Nordholm.

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