The Incredible Numbers Of The Reign Of Asuka In NXT

The latest set of recordings of NXT brought a bittersweet news for fans of the yellow mark and, mainly, for the followers of who by long was its more dominant figure, Asuka . After being injured in NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III, Empress of Tomorrow vacated the NXT Women’s Championship and was announced that she will soon make her promotion to the main cast.

The loss of Asuka is no less for NXT, as the development brand had turned the women’s division around for almost two years and Triple H himself considered it “an anchor” in the middle of the series of promotions that decimated the yellow cast .

It is difficult to exaggerate the role that Asuka has played since her arrival in WWE, and is that without arriving at Raw or SmackDown, Japan has broken such a number of brands within the company, that alone these records open you up in pa For the doors to the WWE Hall of Fame.

Many of them are well known, others are darker, but let’s review the incredible numbers of Asuka’s reign in NXT.

The biggest unbeaten in WWE history

If there is something that has lasted longer than Asuka’s reign, it is undefeated. With 195 consecutive victories, Empress of Tomorrow has the highest unbeaten record in WWE history , which also includes WCW, as Japan has been overtaking Goldberg in this respect for several months .

In fact, Asuka’s record is 195-4-3, but his four downs were in a pitched battle, a couples fight and two Fatal 4-Way, so it has never really been covered or subdued since Came to WWE.

The longest reign with the NXT Women’s Championship

Before Asuka there were four NXT Champions and none had a short reign. From the 192 days of Sasha Banks and 308 days of Paige, all had enough time to mark a

absolute leader of the women’s division. In fact, Asuka has the highest number of defenses televised in the NXT Women’s Championship, with 11 behind. She leaves behind Charlotte, who defended him 6 times.

If we also count the defenses in live events, the figure increases greatly. Although the NXT schedule is much smaller, the Japanese had a total of 100 title defenses. No other NXT champion has defended his belt so many times, either on television or at live events.

Increased number of rivals

From the previous record it is clear that Asuka has had a good number of challengers. Here, the Japanese also set a record. In television, 8 different women challenged Asuka, with the live events the figure rises to 17. Bayley is far away, with 5 different televised rivals.

Compared with the longer manly reign, that of Finn Bálor, he had just 9 different challengers, of whom only 3 were televised.

The second greatest female reign

It is not only within the framework of NXT in which Asuka breaks records. Within the history of WWE , Asuka is the woman with the second greater titular reign. Above it is only Fabulous Moolah, whose recognized ( and controversial ) brand span a space of three decades, a figure that is impossible to achieve in modern times.

Underneath it is Rockin ‘Robin, who wore the original WWE Women’s Championship between 1988 and 1990, before the title was temporarily disabled, so reigning can not be considered a success, despite the duration.

The longest reign in 20 years

As compared to the men of WWE, Asuka also does not go badly stopped . In fact, the Empress of Tomorrow has the longest reign of the last two decades, surpassing recent marks as sounded as those of the reigns of The New Day as Raw Couples Champions and CM Punk as WWE Champion.

It seems a lie, but very few champions reach the mark of the 500 days, and among them the majority did it in the time of the territories. Although it is worth repeating that the situation changes when you remember titles that WWE has forgotten. For example, Antonio Inoki held the WWF World Heavyweight Martial Arts Championship for 3780 days between 1978-89, but the company no longer recognizes this title.

How many champions have passed?

Finally, to put into perspective the length of Asuka’s reign at a time when most reigns revolve around the 90 days, we will review how many times the hands of the other company titles have changed hands while The Empress of Tomorrow Maintained as NXT sovereign.

WWE Championship: 9 champions
Universal Championship: Creation – 4 champions – 1 vacancy
Women’s Raw Championship: Creation – 10 champions
SmackDown Women’s Championship: Creation – 6 champions – 1 vacancy
Intercontinental Championship: 7 champions
United States Championship: 10 champions
Raw Pairs Championship: 6 champions
SmackDown Pairs Championship: Creation – 6 champions
Championship of Peso Crucero: Creation – 6 champions
UK Championship: Creation – 2 champions
NXT Championship: 7 champions
NXT Pair Championship: 5 champions
The reign of Asuka in NXT is a milestone in the modern era, in which changes are demanded and become a necessity for the product to keep novel, and where few sovereigns manage to stay on top for so long and leave Even more applauded, respected and admired than upon arrival.

Asuka’s big landing on major brands is approaching, and after making history from the development system, one can only hope that his legacy will continue to grow.

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