The Last Time The Championship Cruiser Was Defended At SummerSlam

After Akira Tozawa’s victory over Neville during the last Monday Night Raw in the fight for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship , at the end of this week’s 205 Live show, it was confirmed what many were already waiting for: rematch between the client Of Titus O’Neil and the English happens to comprise of Kick-Off Show of WWE SummerSlam (2017).

If the new cruiser division is not going through its best moment after the Cruiserweight Classic, returning to the old cruisers, are told the occasions that the title of that division had relevance during the editions of 2001 until 2007 of the biggest event of the summer, In which the title could only be defended in two.

So we’ll talk about the only time that the cruiserweight belt fit inside the main SummerSlam poster . Since the last time he defended the title was in 2003, when Rey Mysterio defeated Shannon Moore in two minutes, but that fight took place in the defunct Sunday Night Heat show.

This fight took place in the 2001 edition during the Invasion season when X-Pac and Tajiri competed in the WCW Cruiserweight and WWF Lightweight Championships, both wrestlers belonging to the federation team.

In the seven-and-a-half minutes of the fight, Tajiri and Sean Waltman showed us what the cruise division means with spectacular sets, good flanking moves and swapping fists and kicks.

The great public favorite, Tajiri, had gotten rid of Albert, who wanted to intervene in the fight to help X-Pac after spraying him with his traditional Asian Mist in the eyes; But that moment was taken advantage of by Pac, who endorsed a low blow to the Japanese and then his X-Factor to be unified champion, ending the history of the lightweight title.

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