Maryse and The Miz vs. Nikki Bella and John Cena

The Last episode of Total Bellas: The Best-Built Rivalry Of WrestleMania 33

The 11 games so far we make the sign of WrestleMania 33, one of the least expectations generated as Luchist show is the meeting between Maryse and The Miz vs. Nikki Bella and John Cena.

WrestleMania 33

WrestleMania 33

WrestleMania 33

But, even though none of them is distinguished by its cleansed technique on the ring, we cannot deny that it is the best constructed and most fun rivalry of all that we will see tonight , and to show, it is enough to resort to the presentation of the lost episode Of “Total Bellas,” which Maryse and The Miz were well able to get to know the truth about the relationship between Nikki Bella and John Cena. We leave here the translation and its respective video so that you can enjoy them.

Lost Total Episode 1

Nikki Bella: You know what?

Brie Bella : What?

Nikki Bella: Perfect

Brie Bella: You know what?

Nikki Bella: What?

Brie Bella: Brie Mode

Nikki Bella: You know what?

Nikki Bella: I think my boyfriend John Cena, whom I definitely love and has advanced my career, is going to propose marriage to me.

Brie Bella: Perfect.

Nikki Bella: Brie, that’s my phrase.

Brie Bella: I’m not Brie, I thought I was Nikki.

Nikki Bella: I’m Nikki, I’m the one with the hat.

John Cena appears with his entry theme

John Cena: Brie, you were singing, rule number 35 says you cannot sing in the house, so you’re on probation. Bad, very bad Brie!

Nikki Bella: John, are you going to propose something to me?

Wrestlemania 33 Matches

John Cena: Woman to whom, genuinely and sincerely love. I propose that you stop breaking rule number 11 of John Cena’s house and lower your feet off the table. Mala Nikki, missing number 1 !.

Nikki lowers her feet

John Cena: Good Nikki !. And as a reward I’m going to blow the question …

Lost Total Episode 2 Part 2

John Cena: Niki I love you, Niki I love you, I love you Nikki, -he goes to the cameraman- are we rolling ?, I can see you.

Nikki Bella: I love me too.

John Cena: Today we will take you on a tour of John Cena’s house. The tours are not allowed by rule number 24 of John Cena’s house, but I will do anything that makes me look good in front of the camera.

Nikki Bella: This is our room, this is where Brie and I solve the world’s problems, like bury the young female talent of WWE and end their careers.

John Cena: Many people violated rule number 40 of John Cena’s house by not making use of the cup holders, but we will not have to worry any more about that, because we no longer have friends. Follow me, I am John Cena, recognize him.

Nikki Bella: This is TV, it’s where we see “The Marine”, which is not very good and so we are not allowed to see the sequel, since The Miz is a better actor than John. And that saddens John very much.

John Cena: That reminds me Nikki, I have something very special to give you. You’ve been sending me a lot of signs and I think it’s time. I got you a diamond (diamond) … Dallas Page, dvd for yoga. Let’s continue, I am John Cena, recognize him.

John Cena: This is our kitchen, here all our food is prepared by servants and that is why the cameras do not enter here, people could not understand.

Nikki Bella: Rule 79.

John Cena: Okay, Nikki, you’ve been paying attention and that deserves a reward. I know a lot of people say that I would not buy you a ring, but I did. A WWE ring, it’s a toy, I got it on sale. We should go where the magic happens. John Cena, acknowledge him.

John Cena: This is our TV room. The room where I truly sleep is on the hallway and Nikki’s under the floor. But this room is very important to show that our relationship is legitimate before the cameras.

Nikki Bella: You know it would look great on our bed?

John Cena: That’s it, my dear, light up my life.

Nikki Bella: The SmackDown Women’s Championship.

John Cena: No, not Nikki, I’m afraid it’s your second offense of the day. You just broke rule number 8 of John Cena’s house. Never ask me to advance your career when the cameras are rolling. Hey Nicol! I have something that will make you happy.
Let’s tie the ties together, “as he kneels down and starts tying his tennis shoes while he sings: Bunny ear around the tree … oh hell !, that’s why I need velcro shoes.

Lost Total Episode 3 Part 3

John Cena: Everyone has one more minute to sit at the table for dinner, before breaking Rule 109 of John Cena’s house.

Nikki Bella: Good afternoon, John.

John Cena: Nicole lights up wonderful.

Nikki Bella: You’re so sweet, John.

John Cena: Nicole lights up marvelously – she goes to the pointer- That’s the same note card, come on. Nikki light of my life, that’s wrong, idiot !. Hurry up and show it to me.

John Cena: Nikki I love you.

Nikki Bella: I love you too John, I’ve been thinking about our future together. Do not you think it would be great to hear the noise of a few feet around?

John Cena: I hear it now, invite Daniel Bryan to dinner. Here it comes!

Daniel Bryan : Yes, yes, yes, yes. Could someone bring me a phone book?

Brie Bella: Here you go.

Daniel Bryan: Ho, thanks Brie !. That’s why I married you, real people with real relationships that are not together just to go out on TV.

Brie Bella: Damn Brie, why are you wearing my cap?

Nikki Bella: No, I’m Nikki, you’re Brie.

Brie Bella: Yes, you must be right, because I have this – while showing your wedding ring.

John Cena: Okay, are you all ready to eat?

Daniel Bryan: It can not be, I’m a vegan, I can not eat meat, it hurts my stomach.

Brie Bella: It’s ok Daniel, I brought you a toy.

Daniel Bryan: Yes, yes, yes, juguito.

John Cena: In exactly 7 seconds everyone should start eating, everyone has to bite equally and in proportion at the same time, at the fifth bite they should take a sip of wine that lasts more than three seconds, at the conclusion of said drink they should emit a Satisfaction for two seconds. Anyone who violates these rules will be banished from John Cena’s house.

Nikki Bella: But John, do not you want to ask me something?

John Cena: Yes Nicol, I want to ask you something. Nicole Bella, would you make me the happiest man in the world and take my rules seriously?

Nikki Bella: Well, then I’ll ask the question. John Cena, do you want to marry me?

Lost Episode of Total Fine Part 4

John Cena: Nicole, I accept … No, I will never marry you, because it would damage my brand. You do not get it? My motto is “loyalty, hard work, respect”. Because I work hard to seem something that I am not to my followers, I am loyal to myself and to those who do what I want, and respect one thing, money.

All I want is for you to be by my side and make me look like a good person, but in the second you do not I’ll throw you down the sewer. I always say, “never give up,” but that is not a motivation for others, it is a reminder that if I start my job a more talented and talented superstar will take it.

WrestleMania Day is approaching, The Miz and Maryse are going to humble us in front of millions of people and I will have no alternative but to fade in the dark. Do you think that I will love you by my side after that, as a reminder of my failure ?.

I’m not going to marry you because I do not love you, I just love myself, I’m not a real person, I’m a farce, I’m a ghost, you know why? Because “you can not see me”, because there is nothing worth seeing.

The Miz and Maryse are stripped of their costumes.

The Miz: John I know you’re looking.

Maryse: Nikki, I know you’re looking too.

The Miz: Let’s make sure WrestleMania is your final curtain, because after you defeat it, you’ll realize you have nothing left here. Ho yeah !, You’ll leave WWE thinking you’ll have a great career in Hollywood, but you know what John, you’re a circus act, without WWE you’re just a stupid animal wandering the streets. It’s your end. I hope you enjoyed your red carpets and your career in the movies.

Maryse: And the Kids’ Choice Awards, because Nikki, let’s face it, that’s the closest you’ll be to having children with John Cena.

The Miz: After WrestleMania you will not be able to call yourself man and the whole world will realize that your life is # $% &.

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