The Miz

The Miz: “Roman Reigns, great idol Or Great Villain, As You See”


Although The Miz needed many years for the audience to really appreciate its reach as rude, it finally did, and is today one of the most respected ruffians in the WWE Universe.

Someone who still does not earn all that respect is Roman Reigns , who despite working hard and get good matches, still have many detractors.

The Miz talked about Reigns and many more issues in an interview with Mike Jones, DC 101 , from which we reproduce his answers:

Roman Reigns has “that”:

“Right now, it’s really the great idol or the great villain, it all depends on the way you see it. He can go out into the ring and be booed brutally or he can go out into the ring and be cheered loudly. What Roman Reigns has is the ‘it factor’ . “

About his sincerity in the microphone:

“It’s the problem with many, because not everyone is honest in WWE. I’m the ones who tell you the things in your face, like it or not, and most of the time people do not like what I have to say. But what I say is the truth, and sometimes the truth hurts and is difficult to accept.

“But if you can not stand the truth, you should not be in the ring with me in the microphone, you should walk away. That is why I am the Intercontinental Champion. My job is to make this title the most prestigious and relevant of all WWE titles, and that’s exactly what I’m saying. “

Why Brock Lesnar is at the top of the WWE:

“There’s a reason they call Brock Lesnar ‘The Beast’. He is a man who has succeeded in WWE, who has succeeded in the UFC; In whatever he enters, he becomes a star on his own merits. If you face it, it could be your last fight. “

About Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel in The Miz-tourage:

“They are two talented people who did not have a chance. I’m the one who gives them that opportunity, and not only that, I’m going to give them everything I can. I even told Heath Slater that he wanted him to be part of the Miz-Tourage, but he did not want to, because he wanted to be Intercontinental Champion, so he fought with the Intercontinental Champion and lost. Now where is it? You really do not get to see it much . Where are Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel? Both are on TV, every week, Monday night on Raw . “

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