The Monster Between Men succumbs To Karen Jarrett

Braun Strowman, the Monster between Men, is undoubtedly one of the most impressive fighters in global wrestling. With his 2.03 meters of height and his 175 kilograms the fighter has gained the respect based on imposing the terror of own and strangers in the quadrilateral. However the things below the string are not the same.

Last Monday, Raw was held in Nashville, TN, and at headquarters at Global Force Wrestling there was a meeting between the company’s top executives. So among several acquaintances of both companies gathered in the same bar. According to information released by Dave Meltzer in the latest installment of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter , Karen Jarrett approached Strowman to tell her that one of her children was her favorite wrestler, to give her an autograph for the boy. What followed by far surpassed the great majority of the promos that are made these days in both companies:

The gladiator, apparently, did not recognize Karen, and in a rude tone snubbed her, making up words with Jeff Jarrett’s wife and Kurt Angle’s ex-wife. Karen indignantly retired and managed to tell her that she would tell her son’s father (Angle) about her attitude.

When Strowman heard this stopped being the Monster between Men and turned a cute little lamb. He asked Karen not to tell Angle or anyone what had happened, that he would gladly give her the autograph. Karen already had her cell phone in hand and was texting Angle what happened. Strowman got down on his knees begging him not to do so, witnessing several of the WWE gladiators present.

Karen told her that she was now on her knees because she knew it was Kurt Angle’s son who had been denied the autograph , but even if she was not, he should never have acted like this before a mother who asked for something for a Son, even if he was only a fan of wrestling. Strowman accepted the error and apologized.

Surely everyone involved will deny the scene for the whole week. And if Strowman comes out of WWE someday, GFW will not be one of his first options to get a job.

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