The Most Devastating WWE injuries

When it comes to dangerous sports, wrestling surely comes in everybody minds. It is not an exaggeration when people term wrestling as one of the dangerous sports in the whole world as various devastating WWE injuries are seen over the years. Few days back, another article listed wrestlers who died during wrestling match. Similarly, this article focuses on some of the most devastating injuries in the history of WWE.

5: Mick Foley:

wwe injuries

You would have seen wrestlers blocking chair shots to head with the help of arms. However, Foley could not enjoy this luxury in a match against the Rock. Foley’s hands were hand-cuffed and The Rock hit 11 chair shots to his unprotected head. The suffering was not only for him but his own family as his wife and children were also present in the arena, during the match.

4: Almost got killed:

wwe injuries1

We are talking about Brock Lesnar here. He was in a match against Kurt Angle and it was his first WrestleMania match. In order to make a huge impact in his first match, Lesnar went to top turnbuckle just moments before the match was about to end. He failed to execute his stunt in a proper manner and crashed down to mat, while his head and neck were slammed into the canvas. This move, according to some commentators, could have been life-taking; however, the beast survived and finished the match.

3: John Cena’s torn triceps:

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In 2013, John Cena had to face a serious arm injury during a match. He felt pain but he thought he had pulled his muscle. However, it was only after a week that his elbow was severely swelled. Later examination of the arm indicted a torn triceps. A surgery was recommended but the Champ did not want to miss an upcoming WWE championship match which was held at Summerslam. He had a surgery after the match and came back strong, as always.

2: Shawn Michaels back:

wwe injuries3

Shawn Michaels was a megastar and a great performer in 1998. He was in a match against the Undertaker at the Royal Rumble when he severely injured his back. Undertaker had dropped him outside the ring and Michaels couldn’t really make it. Three discs in his back were brutally damaged and Michaels was out of the ring for next four years.

1: When Steve Austin broke his neck:

wwe injuries4

It was in 1997 when Steve Austin and Owen Hart were in a sensational match. At a point, Austin’s head was beneath Hart’s legs and the rest was history. Austin could not move for a few minutes and replays were horrible to watch. The match, however, continued in spite of Austin being in immense pain. Luckily, the injury did not prove fatal or career-ending and Austin came back few months later even after such a devastating injury.

This article provided a record of some of the most devastating WWE injuries in the history. If you are a fan of the game, you may also want to visit these articles about wrestling.


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