Most Violent Matches in WWE History

The Most Violent Matches in WWE History

In the advanced and progressive era of the WWE it may often feel that wrestling has lost its extremism and severity. We can still watch fantastic shows played between highly experienced and qualified wrestlers.In most recent times old sense and feel of thread and risk have been significantly diminished.In 2000, wrestling fans suddenly feel that there is lack of blood in WWE matches. From time to time, WWE keeps on introducing new rules to make wrestling more secure in the ring. Some wrestler still show great excitement and anger in a shockingly violent and brutal way in the ring. Here we will discuss some most violent matches in WWE history.

The UnderTaker VS Mankind

Mankind vs The Undertaker

The most brutal and violent match played in WWE history was The UnderTaker, King of the ring and Mankind In 1998. It is one of the most famous and violent match. The most ugly move in this match was that The Undertaker gripped over Mankind and moved him to clean off top of the cell. It looks like impossible move even when people watch it today infact one of illogical motion observed until now. Even in such condition Human body is unable to survive.

Eddie Guerrero VS JBL:

 Eddie Guerrero versus JBL

Second most brutal and violent match in the history of WWE was played between Eddie Guerrero versus JBL on Judgement day in 2004. In this match wrestlers have used lots of chairshots which seems illogical to use for a human being. Very less people know that wrestler use a trick which is knows as blading in which they use a small razor to cut themselves usually some where near the hairline where blood flow is less dangerous and seems more dramatic. Same thing happened in this match but it went wrong for the Eddie, JBL used a chairshot to smash Eddie, in the result he fell down on floor and trying blading trick but he cut himself extremely deep that it caused problem for him.

The Rock vs Mankind :

The Rock Versus Mankind

Third most brutal match was played among The Rock and Mankind in 1999.Possibly one of the most brutal chair based strike in  WWE history. The Rock used Handcuffs to grab Mankind and The Rock was attacking his target with multiple headshots as he was directed to do before the match.This act was listed as highly Immortalised in the history of WWE.These headshots and chairshots can cause long term and severe damage to the target.

Shane McMahon vs Kurt Angle :

Kurt Angle vs Shane McMahon

Shane kicked Angle out of the pane and start hitting on his neck and head. Shane forced the team to complete this move as finishing move but Kurt Angle stated that he want to skip that move. But after almost five tries, he throw Shane through two glass panes which caused him first headshot. Both wrestlers were terribly injured during the fight and heavily bleeding. Later in an interview Angle said that his mind had a blast at that moment which forced him to do that as minds of wrestler don’t work as minds of normal human beings.


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