The protagonists Of The Week In WWE – 6 To 12 August 2017

Welcome back to this column. As always, we will review the most outstanding fighters and the best fight of this week. Both brands adjusted their courses to SummerSlam and, incidentally, tied the loose ends of some of the summer’s rivalries.

Let’s see who staged this week in WWE:

Randy Orton

Although without the title in play, Randy Orton finally managed to score a victory against Jinder Mahal. The Viper was able to settle scores with the WWE Champion without the Singh brothers being present and the result was defined by an RKO. With this, Orton removed a thorn, but the redemption did not last long, because Rusev ruined his celebration with a surprise sidekick.

Braun Strowman

The intense rivalry between Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns continued this week with a Last Man Standing, an ideal stipulation for both competitors, and in which the Monster among Men came out victorious, but not without help. After throwing a stroller into his opponent’s face and whipping him against the LED screen, Strowman seemed on the verge of falling after receiving a Spear with impulse, but the appearance of Samoa Joe and his Coquina Clutch gave him enough time to get up And become, for the second time in his career, the last man standing.

1- Brock Lesnar

Since its return in 2012, every appearance of Brock Lesnar has been a special occasion, and now even more, as The Incarnated Beast could leave WWE to return to UFC . That’s why his last shows are loaded with importance and, above all, intensity. This week Lesnar ended up alone and in a matter of minutes with a whole faction, the Miztourage. With the power of his arms, Suplex City and three consecutive F5, the Universal Champion crushed and humiliated Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas and Intercontinental Champion The Miz.

Fight of the week

The Last Man Standing may have stolen the looks this week, and certainly had great moments, but in terms of quality the superior fight was Dean Ambrose Vs. Cesaro , one of the Lunatico’s best encounters at one time. Ambrose’s erratic style combined well with the Swiss’s mastery, who managed to create a moment of maximum expectation when he threatened a superplex at ringside. The final package did not cut the pace, in part thanks to the immediate subsequent attack.

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