The protagonists Of The Week In WWE – July 30 To August 5, 2017

Welcome back to this column. As always, we will review the most outstanding fighters and the best fight of this week. Raw and SmackDown run an accelerated and exciting road to SummerSlam, perhaps the most competitive time between brands since their separation.

Let’s see who staged this week in WWE:

3- Kevin Owens

Despite losing his rematch for the US Championship on SmackDown Live, Kevin Owens was the center of the controversy, as he was counted to 3 despite having a clearly raised shoulder, because seconds earlier he had hit the Referee, temporarily blinding him. Of course, KO did not allow things to stay that way and confronted the brand’s leaders with injustice. The result: Shane McMahon will be the special arbiter of his rematch at SummerSlam.

2- Roman Reigns

All rumors indicated for weeks ( until recently ) Roman Reigns would SummerSlam 2017 Universal Champion and, as if to confirm this , the Big Dog won an important victory against the other challengers Fatal 4-Way, Braun Strowman and Samoa Joe . But the stakes have increased much more in red show, and four months after The Undertaker removed, Reigns could also be the man to send back to Brock Lesnar UFC.

1- Shinsuke Nakamura

Winning John Cena in a clean way is not easy . Fight for the WWE Championship a few months of debut and in the second most important event of the year neither is, but this week Shinsuke Nakamura scored both achievements. The King of Strong Style had a dream fight against Cena and with a Kinshasa triumphed over the company’s biggest star. Now, Nakamura will have one of the greatest career opportunities when he challenges Jinder Mahal in one of the main SummerSlam 2017 encounters.

Fight of the week

This was a week of great struggles. We had the triple threat Reigs-Strowman-Joe, a new Styles-Owens good as always and with a bad ending as has been usual, and we had a pretty decent Dinner-Nakamura for the time he was given. However, this time I want to recognize an encounter that was not on the radar, but that deserves all the applause, Rusev vs. Chad Gable. On the one hand, Rusev demonstrated his enormous dynamism in the ring, often hidden by the nature of his character, while Gable made it clear that his charisma and incredible talent in the ring make him the most likely survivor after the American Alpha split.

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