The Punjabi Prison Originally Would be A Fight In Explosive Cage

In Battleground he held the third fight in Punjabi Prison mode, and in it, Jinder Mahal retained the WWE World Championship against Randy Orton, with the help of the Great Khali .

In a previous note, we were able to know how the prison was built and how Pat Patterson created the rules the day before the first fight took place.

Now, former WWE writer Court Bauer revealed more details on the Wrestling Inc podcast .

“The original idea came from a proposal I made in spring 2006 to bring the Deathmatch with explosions that was so famous in FMW and IWA Japan, because it’s one of the ways WWE has never played, and as SmackDown needed An impulse, it took something different.

“In the cast we had good brawlers and I thought we could do something about it. Vince McMahon had not approved to do the War Games, which is something that will never accept, and I presented my idea to him. I had a whole presentation, with video included. Vince saw it and said ‘let’s do it’. So we started our path to the Exploding Deathmatch by projecting it for the summer of that year. “

The project was handed to Kevin Dunn , executive producer of WWE, and for a time the creative knew nothing more.

“Finally, Kevin sent us the final product. They were not sketches, but the cage was already built, and it looked like a set of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Perdition. I did not know what to think, it looked like a play structure in which a child would have killed himself.

“Among the writers, we unanimously dropped our jaws to the floor. I remember Dusty Rhodes putting on his grandfather’s glasses and pulling them up to the edge of his nose to make sure what he saw was real. And he said, ‘Old man, that looks like Lincoln Logs, ‘ while I thought that unless the bamboo exploded, which would be a security risk, this was a perverse mutation of what I had proposed to Vince.

“Usually, when you present something to Vince and he gives you the green light, it’s sure to happen, but for some reason this is not. And I never knew why, maybe because Kevin wanted to do something different or something was lost along the way, but we ended up with this bizarre concept. “

Baauer also said that another former WWE writer, Alex Greenfield, was the one who put “Punjabi Prison” on the structure.

As an extra feature, the first wrestling with barbed wire and explosives was on the second anniversary of FMW, on September 23, 1991 at Kawasaki Stadium, facing Atsushi Onita and Tarzan Goto .

Onita modified this stipulation in the function of 5 of May of 1993 in the same place, since besides the explosive sides, the whole ring would explode after 15 minutes. This time, Onita defeated Terry Funk .

One of the most famous was that of May 5, 1995, in the retreat of Onita, in which he faced Hayabusa .

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