The separation Of Marks Is Not Good Business For Now

The weekly cancellation of Talking Smack was the last symptom of an incontestable reality in WWE. Vince McMahon knows that his product does not pass through the best moment in terms of audience data and ticket sales , and that translates into fewer zeros on the current account. Hence, pyrotechnic disuse will also be reported during wrestler entries or the likely cessation of other WWE Network shows such as The Edge & Christian Show.

Under the last edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio , Dave Meltzer touched on this delicate subject that few people want to talk about openly, but which increasingly worries the top management of the company. According to the journalist, WWE has promised everyone that this year will have greater benefits than last 2016 , but it seems that it will be difficult to keep the promise. Hence, the cuts are necessary to keep the accounts minimally. However, Meltzer believes that even so can not keep up the numbers, calling 2017 disappointing:

” Last year’s benefits were about $ 30 million . And this year is already halfway. I do not have the exact numbers around here, but they carry about 5 or 6 million benefits , which means there is a lot to do. They have no financial problems, but the number of WWE Network subscribers is a real disappointment . The growth that was supposed to have been behind WrestleMania did not come. “

The editor of the Wrestling Observer later pointed to the separation of brands:

“One thing we’ve learned is that the two PPVs per month have not helped . The number of WWE Network subscribers is not growing as expected, so the situation is not good. But I do not think they want to remove one of the PPVs because I think that would affect the ratings a little bit. “

Meltzer added that there are new cuts in sight and that are the main cause of the break in plans for a weekly show UK division . The past tournament for the UK WWE Championship in Blackpool would have been quite expensive to make, and right now the company does not want to throw the rest monetarily for a program across the Atlantic that they do not know what benefits it would report.

If the bad trend continues we could attend a staff cut before the end of the year . With the introduction of the cruise division, British talent and future hires after the Mae Young Classic , WWE has the most extensive squad in its history, and as we know, the separation of brands has not been the panacea for many of them . Speaking of cruisers, these could be the main losers of the policy of cuts , with a 205 Live that every week dances tapers by the edge of the wire to try to keep in vogue.

Definitely, the saturation of content that WWE has been exercising for the past year and a half had to end up taking a toll. Although the problem really is not the quantity, but of course, the quality of the product, no matter where you look, has not increased with the “Brand Extension” . We’ll see where this whole thing comes from, stay tuned for the next SÜPER LUCHAS updates.

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