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The Three Wrestlers Who Won The WWE And IWGP Championships

In what many people assumed would be a victory for John Cena , Shinsuke Nakamura surprised many by defeating him cleanly in the middle of the ring and winning the right to face WWE Champion Jinder Mahal for the title at SummerSlam.

In the event that Nakamura gets the win against Jinder Mahal at SummerSlam, he will become the fourth fighter to hold the two most wanted world championships today by any wrestler: the WWE World Championship and the IWGP Full Weight Championship.

So we will review the only three people who have managed to hold these titles; Being two of them that obtained the important title of a company and its reigns finished in vacant title.

Antonio Inoki

The member of the Hall of Fame WWE , Antonio Inoki is the first Japanese to win the title Company of the McMahon family , beating a Show House in Tokushima, Japan, to Bob Backlund , but unfortunately his reign, along with Two other Backlund conquests are not recognized by the company.

His reign lasted six days, from November 30 to December 6, 1979, when he lost the title to Backlund who had the help of Tiger Jeet Singh ; However, the then President of WWF, Japan’s Hisashi Shinma, annulled Backlund’s victory and returned the title to Inoki, but he decided to reject it and declare it vacant.

Not only was Inoki the first Japanese to be a WWE Champion, he was also the first IWGP Champion in NJPW history to win the IWGP Champion Series on 12 June 1987 to Masa Saito.

Brock Lesnar

If Inoki is historic with being the first Japanese WWE champion and first IWGP champion, “The Beast” Brock Lesnar is the youngest champion in title history by beating The Rock almost 15 years ago at SummerSlam, at the age of 25 Years and 44 days.

A year after his departure from WWE and failure in the NFL, Lesnar arrived at NJPW, and in his first fight against Kayuzuki Fujita, he managed to snatch the IWGP title at the Toukon Souzou New Chapter event.

However, NJPW declared the vacant title because Lesnar did not appear to expose it to Hiroshi Tanahashi. Lesnar signed with Inoki’s new Inoki Genome Federation, taking the title there, where he later lost it to Kurt Angle.

By the way, Angle does not enter the list because the title that won to Lesnar was the one not recognized by NJPW. The real champion was by then Hiroshi Tanahashi.

AJ Styles

After leaving the back door of Impact Wrestling / GFW, AJ Styles grew more prestigious by joining the ranks of the most important wrestling company in the Far East and coming close to being the new WWE rival.

Styles managed to win the title in the 2014 Wrestling Dontaku event , against the current champion of the same, Kazuchika Okada . Two years, four months and eight days later, he defeated Dean Ambrose in the return of the Backlash event to conquer the only major championship he had yet to win: the WWE title.

Will Nakamura make history?

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