The two times

The Two Times That Oj Simpson Almost Enters The Fight

Last week the eyes of the world returned to focus on OJ Simpson, who after nine years in prison managed to get his parole after being accused of twelve different charges on a heist that the former football player committed against a collector. Simpson’s freedom will be effective starting next October. The athlete who remained in the eye of the hurricane in 1995 after the murder of his wife and her lover, and who was never convicted for this.

And you will wonder what Simpson has to do with wrestling if the gladiator was never involved in the world of costalazo, however he was about to be part of it at least twice, the first with WWF and the second with WCW .

According to Bruce Prichard, in 1996, while planning WrestleMania XII and the Simpson scandal filled the televisions of the world considered that it was the moment to bring it to the fight and to face Rody Piper, as you will remember this did not happen, although Piper did Had a fight in that Mania against Goldust making several allusions to Simpson (with persecution in the Bronco truck and the whole thing), commented Prichard in his most recent podcast :

“There were people who said, ‘If you do this, you’ll never have another sponsor’ … So we skipped it.

“When these words come out of my mouth, you realize how ridiculous it is today, but you always have to try something, even if it sounds ridiculous.”

Rory Piper battling Goldust in Wrestlemania XII
Another one who remembers how OJ Simpson was going to enter the fight was former WWE writer and WCW member Kevin Eck who says that in 2000, when WWF had already outperformed WCW in the Wars of Mondays By the Nights, and Vince Russo was the creative manager of Nitro proposed to take Simpson to the company to recover spectators:

“Speaking of trying things that sound ridiculous, let’s talk about Vince Russo. Russo was a member of the WWE creative team in 1996, and although I do not know if it had anything to do with the proposed fight between Piper-Simpson , I certainly would not be surprised.

“What I do know is that when I was the publisher of WCW Magazine in 2000 and Russo was the head of creativity at WCW, he pushed for the company to pay Simpson millions of dollars to take a live lie detector test On a WCW PPV.

“Russo’s suggestion was based on the fact that Simpson said he would take a polygraph test if someone paid him three million dollars , which would go to a reward to catch the” real “killer. Simpson later said that he would keep the money for himself.

“During a company meeting, Russo acknowledged that the ratings on” Monday Nitro “were not good, but said it was certainly not his fault. He put on how great was the creative content but stated that the ratings did not reflect it because the viewers had not tuned it and therefore did not know how good the show was.

“He emphasized that WCW needed a stunt. It was then that he launched the idea of ​​Simpson.

“For a guy who put the WCW world title on David Arquette, not to mention himself, and had a strange fixation with some kind of fights (like Buff Bagwell’s mother on a pole, Viagra on a pole, and Wrestlers competing for nail piñata on a pole), this was a horrible idea even by their standards.

” The aforementioned gems of Russo’s mind were foolish, but paying millions to a guy that many believed was a killer was on another level. “Bad taste” and “desperate” were the two words that immediately came to my mind when he suggested. I was relieved when his tone fell on deaf ears of people in suits. “

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