The wrestlers who unfortunately died in the ring

Following is the list of some of the famous wrestlers who died in the ring.

10: Larry Cameron:


Larry Cameron was an American professional wrestler who died in 1993 during a match in Germany. He is one of many wrestlers who suffered a heart attack during a match. He died inside the ring.

9: Luther Lindsey:


Lindsey is considered to be one of the pioneers in American professional wrestling. In 1972, in a match against bobby Paul, he had a heart attack which he could not survive.

8: Moondog Spot:


He was an American wrestler who wrestled for approximately 25 years. It was in 2003 when heart attack inside ring resulted in his death.

7: Oro:


Javier Hernández Silva or Oro (Ring name) was a Mexican wrestler who belonged to a famous family of wrestlers. During a six man tag match in 1993, Oro received a hit on his head which is believed to have caused brain aneurysm. He died within a matter of minutes.

6: Plum Marico:


She was a female professional Japanese wrestler who died in 1997 due to injuries suffered during a match.

5: Mal Kirk:


Malcolm Kirk was a British wrestler who was famous by ring name “King Kong Kirk”. During a tag match in 1987, King Kong received a big splash from Big daddy and he died on his way to the hospital.

4: ‘Iron’ DiBiase:


He may not be as famous as Iron Mike Tyson but this Iron Mike DiBiase was also a legend in his game. His 20 year career span of wrestling ended when he suffered a heart attack during a match against Man Mountain Mike in 1969. He was rushed to hospital but could not recover.

3: Mitsuharu Misawa:


Mitsuharu Misawa was a Japanese wrestling legend. During his career, he won various titles and awards and is often regarded as equivalent of Hulk Hogan. It was in 2009, when he partnered with Go shiozaki and the team challenged Akitoshi Saito and Bison Smith. He received a massive hit in his belly. Even though it was not an extraordinary or new for him but it proved to be fatal for him. Japanese pro-wrestling has so far failed to recover from such a massive loss.

2: Jeanette Wolfe:


It was in 1951, when women’s wrestling was not very popular in the United States; the tragic death of Jeanette Wolfe shook all the wrestling fans. She was in a match against Ella Waldek when she had received a body slam from her. She collapsed at her ringside within few moments.

1: Perro Aguayo Also Include in wrestlers who died in the ring:


The death of 35 years old Aguayo is the latest wrestling tragedy. The incident happened in March this year in March when Aguayo took a fatal hit on his neck from Rey Mysterio, a former superstar of WWE.

We hope that it was an informative list. Comment your favorite wrestler among the list of wrestlers who died in the ring.

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