Tips to Fight With Street Wrestlers

Tips to Fight With Street Wrestlers

Street fights can be so brutal. You can use several techniques to survive yourself in this condition. Street fighters uses hard surface to fight, this causes to effect much more powerfully than people think. We will discuss about some tips to fight with street wrestlers. To protect yourself from street fight, your need to get training in Ground Fighting.

Roll Through The Fall :

Among tips to fight with street wrestlers, you need to learn a trick Roll Through The Fall. Sometime You get pushed by your target like throwing a chair on  the ground. That will naturally fall you flat on ground and the ideal reaction to that would be that you try to get up. You need to use your body’s momentum to keep avoiding from falling yourself straight, just try to roll your side while you are being thrown. Later on you can use that momentum to get yourself back to your feet, that will help to stand you up.

Drop & Flip Your Attacker :

 While fighting sometime people use this trick. What they do is to fall flat themselves near  the feet of their target. You then try to grab his clothes. While doing that try to target chest area, this will cause the target to place his body weight off the center. Use your knees to flip them when they fall as it would help you to stand up easily. To play this trick please keep focus that target should not be able to grab you as that will lead to a very dangerous situation.

Drop and Flip


Escape Yourself :

During wrestling, the best tip is to escape yourself from unpredicted attack from your target. Don’t Let him grab you and be in his control. This will create difficult situation as you might not be able to free yourself. The biggest need to survive a fight is to get yourself free, kick your target and keep attacking until you finally see yourself winning

People Usually enjoy to see brutal and bloody street fights. Most of the street fights don’t end well. Even if you think you are winning, chances are there that you got hit in your head by some chair or an iron rod. This is the worst scenario that mostly happens in street fights. People do witness lot of fights but nobody ever tried to help them or stop them.There is on simple thing you need to make sure in street fight is not to lock up with your opponent as that would end up in terrible situation. According to a survey 85 % of guy uses wrestler’s move to win a street fight. They do punch their target as hard as they can as it will make him subconscious and he wont be able to go any further with you in fight. 


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