Top 10 – Best Moments Of Monday Night Raw 17-7-17

Monday Night Raw brought an issue full of surprises this July 17 , where it gave a strong push to the route to SummerSlam, including the revelation of an incredible secret, an awaited apology and a triple shock of titans. Now WWE shares us through its official YouTube channel which, according to its criteria, were the best moments of the red show.


Let’s go with the list:

10 – The Revival manages to defeat The Hardy Boyz with some dirty little plays by Dash & Dawson.
9- Titus O’Neil is forced to stop the fight of his client when Ariya Daivari was about to injure him. Akira Tozawa rages at the decision.
8- Elias Samson breaks a guitar on Finn Bálor’s head and bleeds the Irishman.
7- Big Cass beats the Big Show and in turn again demolishes Enzo Amore.
6- Seth Rollins apologizes to Dean Ambrose for betraying The Shield and even offers to be attacked with a chair as a redemption.
5- Sasha Banks eliminates the distraction of Nia Jax at ringside and allows Bayley to defeat Alexa Bliss again.
4- The Miztourage attacks Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins and reduces them to the base of sillazos.
3 – Roman Reigns almost knocked out Samoa Joe with a huge big boot directly in the face.
2- Kurt Angle reveals that his great secret is the existence of an unrecognized son, Jason Jordan.
1- Braun Strowman returns after the crash of the ambulance and annihilates Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe in the star encounter.
Although the big announcement of Kurt Angle was the segment more commented in a long time, did not manage to position to the head of the list, place that was given to the imposing return of Braun Strowman. There was a single segment throughout the night that failed to enter the top, the couples fight of the cruises, which lasted little and did not generate more reaction.

What do you think? What was your favorite moment of Raw?

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