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Top 10 – Best moments Of Monday Night Raw 24-7-17

This Monday , July 24, Monday Night Raw continued its exciting journey to SummerSlam, an event in which it plans to steal the attention with what promises to be a great poster from the red mark. Now WWE shares us through its official YouTube channel which, according to its criteria, were the best moments of this week.

Let’s go with the list:

10- Ariya Daivari wins the title race of the cruiser attacking not only Akira Tozawa, but champion Neville.
9- Nia Jax easily defeats Emma and opens the final maneuver, a running somersault senton.
8- The Hardy Boyz break into the fight between The Revival and Gallows & Anderson, then attacking the first after they got the win.
7- During his fight, Sasha Banks sends Bayley against the corner and launches with a double knee to the back.
6- Big Cass uses Enzo Amore as a human shield to give The Big Show another beating.
5- Finn Bálor manages to connect his Coup de Grace, but Bray Wyatt appears and attacks him to give the victory to Elias Samson in his fight without disqualification.
4 – Kurt Angle must call the security team and the cast of Raw to control the situation with Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe in the ring, but it is impossible and the Monster between Men prevails.
3 – Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins are united in a double suicide dive on the three members of the Miztourage.
2- Bayley manages to reverse the count after a frog splash, beat Sasha Banks and become a challenger to the Women’s Raw Championship.
1 – After they beat the Miztourage, Seth Rollins offers a handshake to Dean Ambrose, but this one turns his back on him and leaves.
Surprised to find immediately that the shock between Strowman, Reigns and Joe did not even enter the podium, but was relegated to the fourth place, when perfectly could have occupied the first. At the top of the list, and with two places on the podium, was the tense meeting of Rollins and Ambrose, a segment that although stellar, received more credit than it deserved. Also notable is the absence of Jason Jordan, after his debut was one of the most promoted segments of the night.

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