top 10 female wrestlers of all times

Top 10 Hottest Female Wrestlers Of All Times

When Wrestling comes to our mind, we immediately start  to thinking about a Huge dude, an image of hottie never clicked in our mind. Sometimes ago people never tend to think that it is possible for a hot girl to wrestle. Hot girls can only be seen in world queen or universe queen contest. Here is list of top 10 hottest female wrestlers of all time.

1: Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly



Her birth name was Barbara Jean Blank. She was famous american model and professional wrestler. In the ring, She is recognized by name Barbie Blank, Kelly Kelly and Kelly. With the greatest ease this hot model stands at top of hottest wrestlers list. She has spent peak time of his career in WWE.

2: Maria Kanellis

Maria Kanellis


Maria Louise Kanellis is american professional wrestler. She got popularity after she worked with WWE. She was placed at fifth number at Raw Diva Search award. She is among the top 10 hottest female wrestlers of all times.  She was hired by WWE for backstage interviews.In 13 April,2010 she released his album named Sevin Sins on iTunes

3: Trish Stratus

 Trish Stratus


Her birth name was Patricia Anne Stratigeas. She was former fitness model, worked in television shows and fitness guru. She was Canadian professional wrestler. She is famous and known by her time with WWE. During the start of his care, she mostly worked in sexually storylines like working with the T & A team. She appeared on cover photos of lots of magazines and have also done charity work.

4: Sunny



Her birth name is  Tammy Lynn Sytch. She is an american professional wrestler known by ring name Sunny. She has also worked as professional wrestler manager and have a background of pornographic acting. In 1990, she was famous because of her work in WWE and also known as Diva. She was born in a strict family and wanted to be a orthopedic surgeon.

5: Maryse Ouellet



She was former Canadian model . She also worked as super class business women and professional wrestler. She also worked as actress as Maryse. In 2011, she announced that she has planned for business in clothing and jewelry by the name House of Maryse, Now a days she is working as a Retailer. She is best know for her wrestling career with WWE.

6: Miss Elizabeth

Miss Elizabeth


She was professional wrestling manager and also played some wrestling matches. She got her graduation degree in communication. She died in 2003, cause of her death was acute toxicity. She used overdose of alcohol and drugs that lead her to death.

7: Britani Knight

Britani Knight


She is known by the ring name Paige. She is profession english wrestler. She is working with WWE and she won WWE Divas Championship title for two times. She belonged to  family which already have background in wrestling, Her father name is Ian Bevis.

8: Torrie Wilson

Torrie Wilson

Her birth name was Torrie Anne Wilson. She was an american model, fitness expert and actress. She is retired professional wrestler. She is famous for her efforts in WCW and WWE. She has taken part in several extra cricular activities like cheerleading and dance.

 9: Stacy Keibler


Stacy Keibler

Stacy Ann-Marle Keibler is famous american model, dancer, actress and cheerleader. She is retired american professional wrestler. She has won WWE Diva award. She was famous dancer known as The Weapon of Mass Seduction.

 10: Sable


Her birth name was Rena Marlette Lesnar. She is famous american model and actress. She is retired american wrestler. She is famous for her time in WWE. She was among one of first WWE Divas and she gained lots of popularity because of that achievement.

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