Top 10 – Los Mejores Momentos De Monday Night Raw 21-8-17

After another SummerSlam (more or less) satisfactory, Monday Night Raw presented a new edition this August 21 , in which it took new directions towards the last months of the year and mainly to the next red PPV, No Mercy. Now WWE shares us through its official YouTube channel which, according to its criteria, were the best moments of this week.

Let’s go with the list:

10- After a spectacular Lumbar Check, Cedric Alexander beats Tony Nese and gives victory to his cruise team.
9- Nia Jax defeats Emma in just a few minutes after applying a simple samoan drop.
8 – Full of confidence, Big Cass gives Enzo Amore a chair for use in his street fight, but immediately knocks him out with a big boot.
7- “The Drifter” Elias easily defeats R-Truth after applying his final neckbreaker, the Drift Away.
6- The Miz interrupts the confrontation between John Cena and Roman Reigns to claim the opportunities they receive over the Intercontinental Champion.
5- With the Coup de Grace, Finn Balor defeats Jason Jordan, whom his father had granted the fight by request.
4- Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins face and beat The Hardy Boyz in a dream fight.
3- The Miz tries to show off with his It Kicks against Roman Reigns, but the Big Dog dodges and applies a powerbomb with an arm.
2- As in SummerSlam, Braun Strowman beats Brock Lesnar and makes it clear that he is going for the Universal Championship.
1- John Cena gets the victory in the star of the night after applying his Attitude Adjustment to The Miz.
Considering that Raw started an angle that for years had been rumored as a possible star of WrestleMania, the absences of this list are strange. Not only does not John Cena’s big comeback come to the red show, but neither is his confrontation with Roman Reigns nor the Superman Punch that Big Dog gave him. At the head is a little special AA on The Miz, which is above Strowman’s attack on Lesnar, another rivalry at WrestleMania level.

What do you think? What was your favorite moment of the last red show?

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