Top 10 Poor WWE Wrestlers

Top 10 Poor WWE Wrestlers

Rags to rich story are highly impressive  and breathtaking in real life. People using gain lots of respect among other when they belong to a poor background and by putting lots of efforts and hard work they make their way through this. These type of stories are really inspiring for the people. There was lots of WWE superstar who made their way to the top from poor family backgrounds. They put a lot of efforts to make their career.

1: Dean Ambrose

Booker T’s was grown up without a mother. His mother died when he was couple of thirteen years old and due to this he ended up with wrong street people community. He got arrested for kidnapping with some gang and because of this he sentence to prison for five years in 1987.  He spent this duration in prison and finally he came out. His brother helped him to find a job. Some friend helped him for some wrestling training. Booker T then build up his career iin wrestling and become legend in WWE.

3: Adam Rose

Most of the secrets about Adam Rose’s life was revealed in the ESPN special. They really dig up their personal life. They deeply discussed about Adam Rose life before he started wrestling. He was born in poor family of South Africa. He used his wrestling skills to make survival in his childhood and he used to sleep in empty buildings. He started his professional wrestling career when he was 16 years old. Now he is doing great for bright future of his family.

4: Lita

Lita made people to change their thinking about female wrestlers. Her wrestling idols was Rey Mysterio , she developed interest  in wrestling when she saw him and other wrestling superstars. Though she did not have money to start up her training. She had done lots of jobs to collect money. She was club dancer in Mexico, through this she was able to finance her wrestling training and made up her career.

5: Edge

Edge is now a days among top superstars of WWE but he has to make lots of effort to get there. From his early childhood, family condition was not appropriate for him. Before his birth, his father left his family. His mother worked hard to fulfill her family need after Edge was born. With lot of help from friends he started his wrestling career and finally reached at the top.

6: Ric Flair

Ric Flair spent his childhood in Children housing society. At that time this institute was insecure and low rates because of kidnapping cases that happened over there. He went through lot of hard times but finally was successful to build up his career as wrestling superstar.

7: Roddy Piper

Roddy piper started to live at hostels when he was couple of 13 years old. He got separated from his family. At the start of his wrestling career, he took job that worth only $25 to make his rents. Wrestler who played with him helped him a lot to make his career.

8: AJ Lee

Aj Lee belonged to a poor family. She spent his childhood living in cars so that she could save money for college. But unfortunately she had to leave the college because of no money. She had to make lots of effort to build his career but later on she left wrestling though fans still wanted to see him playing.

9: CM Punk

He was one among wrestlers who have dreamed of being wrestling legends. CM Punk was adapted by his friends’ family. This friend of Punk and himself wanted to setup their own wrestling business. But later than he ended up joining WWE. He has made lots of efforts and blood shed to make his way through this success.

10: The Rock

Rock was born in rich wrestling family but back in 1995, he did not have enough money so he had to cut Canadian Football team and he joined profession wrestling company to make his career.

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