Top 10 – The Best Moments Of SmackDown Live 15-8-17

This August 15, in its latest issue of RoadSlam , SmackDown Live brought a series of interesting events, including an unreleased stellar and the third failed trade in the history of Money in the Bank. Now WWE presents us through its official YouTube channel which, according to its criteria, were the best moments of the blue show.

Let’s go with the list:


10- Shinsuke Nakamura sentenced Jinder Mahal to lose the WWE Championship to him at SummerSlam.
9 – In the great season finale of Fashion Peaks, Breezango discovers a clue that indicates that all the pair division of WWE is in danger.
8- Natalya gets a big win before SummerSlam by subjecting Becky Lynch to the Sharpshooter.
7- Before his title fight against Xavier Woods and Big E, The Usos manage to defeat the combination of Kofi Kingston and Xavier.
6- Rusev sends Chad Gable flying over the comment table and catches him in the Accolade right there.
5 – Carmella and James Ellsworth threaten Naomi and Natalya with the exchange of their briefcase this Sunday.
4- John Cena manages to apply his Attitude Adjustment to Jinder Mahal, but the Maharaja survives the final maneuver.
3- Kevin Owens and AJ Styles again have a row in their face-off, resulting in KO kicking Shane McMahon by mistake.
2- Rusev tries to give a promo, but Randy Orton surprises him with an incredible RKO out of nowhere.
1- Baron Corbin bursts into the star after Avalanche Attitude Adjustment and decides to collect his briefcase MITB, but the distraction of John Cena allows Jinder Mahal expires and hold the WWE Championship.
Undoubtedly, Corbin’s failed swap was the most important moment of this week and even one of the highlights of the year in the blue show. With a beautiful RKO, Orton managed to sneak onto the podium, putting himself ahead of Usage triumph and Owens’ attack on Shane O’Mac.

What do you think? What was your favorite moment this week?

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