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Top 10 – The Best Moments Of SmackDown Live 5-9-17

SmackDown Live brought a new edition this September 5 , starring a promising Orton Vs. Nakamura and in which the rivalry between Kevin Owens and the commissioner of the brand had an interesting progress. Now WWE shares us through its official YouTube channel which, according to its criteria, were the best moments of the week.

Let’s go with the list:

10- Shane McMahon attacks Kevin Owens after he tells him that his whole family, and particularly his children, would be better off if he had not survived his plane crash.
9- Aiden English gets a new victory over Sami Zayn, this time completely legal.
8- Baron Corbin beats Tye Dillinger with the End of Days after illegally punching him in the throat.
7- Dolph Ziggler decides to “re-debut” imitating several famous entries to ridicule the tastes of the public.
6- AJ Styles gives Tye Dillinger a shot at the US Championship next week.
5 – Carmella ends her marriage with James Ellsworth after an error of this cost him his fight against Natalya and almost his briefcase MITB.
4- Daniel Bryan, by order of Mr. McMahon, suspends Shane McMahon to prevent Kevin Owens from demanding them.
3 – James Ellsworth apologizes to Carmella, to which Miss MITB responds with a passionate kiss and a slap.
2 – Shinsuke Nakamura defeats Randy Orton after stopping the RKO twice and connecting his infallible Kinshasa, winning another WWE Championship opportunity.
1 Daniel Bryan tells Kevin Owens that next week Mr. McMahon hit SmackDown Live to impose order.

Although these listings are often affected by the chronological order of events, this week’s selection runs counter to the absurd. Not only did Shane’s attack on KO remain at the bottom of the list, but not even his suspension entered the podium, as did Carmella’s kiss to Ellsworth. In addition, the great triumph of Nakamura had to settle for second place, and the spectacular RKO turned armbar was ignored.

What do you think? What was your favorite moment of the past SmackDown?

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