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Top 10 WWE Theme Songs Of All Time

There are several theme and entrance songs in WWE. Theme Music can make or break an event. A good theme songs immediately impact on fans, nothing attracts fans more than play music after a dim light effects. Fans suddenly go crazy. If you want to make sure top selling of your show, the main thing you need to focus on is theme songs. It shows a great influence on wrestler’s and show’s popularity among the fans. When we watch any movie , sound track is the most important thing every body focus on , same is the case with theme songs in WWE. Selected music helps to enthuse fans, make their mood good and increase their involvement in the show.  Theme song is your first impression. and publication. Theme songs, entrance songs are very important for WWE fans.Here is the list of top 10 WWE theme songs of all time.

1: Randy Orton, Burn in My Light

Theme songs for Randy Orton’s got a huge recognition from the crowd and one of the excellent way to get fan’s attention. Lyrics of this songs describe personality of character. This theme song was best fit for his finishing moves in the match. This made a clear picture of his quick and effective moves next to his opponents.

2: Mr. Perfect

Jim Johnston, a productive and creative composer who has well provided that  soundtrack for WWE company. He started his professional career in Entertainment industry for creating Musical cues and bumpers. When he moved to WWE, he became famous as vital source of music material. He composed lots of unforgettable entrance songs for WWE superstars.

3: Hulk Hogan, Real American

Hulk Hogan is known as superstars in the WWE history. Like other theme sons, Real american totally spoke for Hulk Hogan’s character, that was most memorable theme song. Real American songs manages to get people’s attention in 80’s and 90’s.

4: Ultimate Warrior, Unstable

Ultimate Warrior truly captured the enthusiasm and sprit of this song by his actions. On this theme song he starts to run around the ring and then with progression he finally climbs into the ring and shakes the ropes in frenzy way that will describe most important feature of this personality i.e. The Ultimate. 

5: Stone Cold Steve Austin, Disturbed

In Disturbed, theme song composer used the beer drinking tone  and opponent’s scattering to define the attitude Era for Stone Cold. This song was very famous among WWE fans. This was a revamp of older theme song of Austin.

6: Kurt Angle

For Kurt Angle WWE, winning a gold medal was most thing among the world. For him a match was always about winning and glory. To describe his attitude in best way, there was nothing more suitable that the sound of trumpet. 

7: D Generation X 

This theme song gets started by asking viewers Are you Ready? This song describes that Just don’t care about what the people say, if you are bad , stay bad. It is coolest thing to do.

8: Triple H, My Time

There was two theme songs for Triple H, one soundtrack was The Game and the other one is My Time. Fans were more excited and enthused towards My Time.

9: Billy Gunn, The One

Billy Gunn was among those wrestler who was unable to make their way to the top in WWE. But his theme song The one was one of the most interesting and catchy thing that got lot of recognition from fans.

10: Bret Hart

This theme song without lyrics was good enough to describe superstar. That was great song with lots of jumps and pauses.


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