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Top 5 special matches in WWE wrestlemania

As we all know about Super Bowl of wrestling that is wrestlemania, it is among most important and awaited event in Sports. Reality of wrestlemania top 5 matches in WWE/WWF is that fan will always remember their favorite super matches. Here is the list of Top 5 special matches in WWE wrestlemania.

1:  The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels 

This match was played on 25th anniversary of wrestlemania. It is among the superb and dramatic matches of all time that was played in wrestlemania. Michaels entrance was amazing on wrestling platform, it was symbolized with light to create well-defined and distinct effect. While Undertaken made his entry from the floor with fire was being blasted out from the stage. This match got started with pretty fast pace then Michael took advantage of his feigned knee injury, It help to slow down pace. 


Fighting went outside ring when Michael attempted a moonsault, so that The Undertaker tried to stop that attempt. During Fight Michaels smacked Sweet Chin Music and The Undertaker strike the Last Ride move. None of them was able to go through this move. The Undertaker tried to strike Michaels with Tombstone Piledriver but Michael made his way out. The Undertaker kept his record of being undefeated at the wrestlemania. During the whole match, fans were split to shout for both The Undertaker and Micheals.

At 2009, WWE Raw gave match of year award to this match.

2: Ricky Steamboat vs. Randy Savage 

wrestlemania,Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat

This match was played in wrestlemania III on 29 March 1987 at Pontiac, Mich. This match lasted for 15 minutes and all moves in this fight were pulling WWE universe into the drama which both these player were trying to create. Both obviously did not own Hogan and Andre’s size but they used their abilities to create an effect that they are capable of having as much spotlight as they had. At the end, Ricky Steamboat won that fight against Savage.

 This was one of the matches that tend to be less spectacular but more personal.

3: Steve Austin vs. The Rock

wrestlemaniaX7,steven austin, the rock

This match was played in wrestlemaniaX-7 on1st April 2001 at Houston,Texas.  Fight was between Steven Austin and The Rock for WWE championship. Both wrestlers made their entrance into the ring. This match was declared as the No disqualification match. During wrestling both players fight and took this into crowd outside the ring. Both wrestlers did smack each other with the ring bell so by the time they were back to ring both were covered with blood.

After that main event of WWE championship, wrestlemania and WWE was never same again.

4: Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin

wreslemaniaX3,Bret hart,steve austin

This match was played in wrestlemania X-3 on 23 March 1997 in Rosemont Illinois. This was fifth match played in that series and was declared as No disqualification match. Austin started to attack Bret when he was still on his way to ring. That match was played rough both wrestler keep on fighting in the ring and keep hitting each other with steel rods and other available objects.

 They took that fight into the crowd and keep hitting each other with different things. Because of all physical challenges in the fight Bret decline to play with Austin and left the ring.

5: Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant

Andre The Giant, Wrestlemania13

This match was played in wrestlemania III on 29 March 1987 in Pontiac, Michigan. This match was played for WWF championship among Hulk Hogan and Andre. Hulk won this match against Andre. 

During first two minutes in the match Hulk tried to lift Andre but he was unable to do it and he was about to lost the match then suddenly Andre fell on him, after playing series of back and forth activities Hulk defended title against Andre the Giant.

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