Top Badass Tag Teams in WWE History

Top Badass Tag Teams in WWE History

WWE tag teams are very dear to each other. Wrestling fans grew up with the dreams of being a wrestling superstar and both amazing thing is to win a tag team championship with a partner. Here we will discuss about top badass tag teams in WWE history and how they achieved glory in their career.

Legion of Doom :

Michael Hegstrand, also known as Hawk and Joseph Laurinaitis, famous as Animal become Team member at the Road Warriors at WCW. They jumped to WWE team in early 90’s. After joining WWE, they both became Hall and Oates of wrestling industry. They got so much popularity that so many fans did not even want to picture them separate.  


The Hart Foundation :

The Hart Foundation team can into existence when Bert Hart was failed to make his way with cowboy gimmicks and he wanted to make a new team with Jim Neidhart. Initially WWE does not pay any attention to them but when Hart decided that would leave that company then they get capitulated. Then The Hart Foundation started to make their way to ultimate success.

The Steiner Brothers :

The Steiner Brother team consisted of two team member Scott Steiner and Rick. They won Tag team membership twice, But later tan they adapted Canadian rules which was downfall for them. They both made lots of struggle to make their way to success.

The Dudley Boyz :

Buh Buh Ray and D Von Dudley are members of team called The Dudley Boyz. They wanted to raise their contract by $1 with ECW as compared to offer they got from WWE but ECW was not willing to do that. So for Vince McMahon, owner of WWE, it was profitable scenario that The Dudley Boyz joined WWE.

The New Age Outlaws :

From start of 1997, Billy Gunn whose ring name is Badd Ass and Jese James whose ring name se Road Dogg, they made lots of struggle to get popularity in WWE. Both were trying very hard to find a gimmick. Their story of success is similar to movie Step brother, they eventually found each other to made team and become very successful. 

The Wild Samoans :

Both Afa and Sika are members of Team The Wild Samoans. They were among very wild teams in WWE history. But unfortunately, their tag team championship reign ended when suddenly Lou Albano, who was manager of their team decided to knock out Afa from The Wild Samoans. After that Afa opened Wild Samoans Training center for the guys.

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