Top Greatest Streaks in WWE History

Top Greatest Streaks in WWE History

Here we will discuss the top Greatest Streaks in WWE history. Lots of WWE superstars have held their championship awards for 28 years it is twice as long as CM Punk’s. That amazing career of being undefeated has helped out a lot to open their ways of super Bowl of wrestling.CM Punk’s has made historic title runs in WWE. 

Tatanka’s Undefeated Streak :

Tantanka was very safeguarded by WWE that he remained undefeated for also two years. During this lengthy undefeated streak, He played with lots of superstars like Rick Martel, The Warlord and Paoa Shango , he still remained undefeated. Tatanka faced his first failure at 28 Sep, 1993. He played with Ludvig Borga who first distracted him and then tackled him with a chair.

John Cena 380 Days as WWE Champion :

Cena has managed to stay at the top without any interruption with superstars like Shawn Michaels, Chris Benoit, Edge, Batista and The Undertaker. WWE still prefer to choose Cena without any intervention.Here we are going to show you a timeline of John Cena WWE superstar’s title reign from March 2004 to February 2011.

Demolition Longest Tag Team Championship Reign :

There was a time period when Tag team of WWE tag team division has stacked up with the best and talented superstars. For an astounding periods of 478 days , Demolition was longest tag team champion. The list of team who went over being a champion for more than 300 days includes Tanaka and Fuji. They hold the championship belt for 377 days in 1972-1973.

Andre’s Undefeated Streak :

The WWE superstar who went being undefeated for almost 15 years is Andre The Giant. WWE posted that claim on his profile. It does not seems more likely to me true but still there is no harm in buying that this Monstrous man can stand that streak for longer period of time.  He won championship for period over a decade, that is why his fight with Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania III was very monumental.

Honky Tonk Man, Longest Reigning Intercontinental Champion of WWE :

Honky Tony Man served wrestling industry as intercontinental Champion for almost 454 days. After him there was no on who was able to stay WWE Intercontinental champion for period longer than that. He was inspired by Elvis wrestling career.

Hulk Hogan’s First WWE Title Reign :

 Hulk Hogan is among top superstar wrestlers of WWE as now it seems that his wrestling superpower may never end in Wrestling industry. He managed to stay WWE champion for around 1474 days . He wont championship title total six times. But his first competition to win the championship title was historic.

Undertaker’s WWE streaks :

The Undertaker’s WWE streak is an excellent presentation of continuity and longevity.Since 1991, he has wrestled in around 20 WrestleMania, which is a great achievement. During his WWE career, he consistently remained focus of attention. 

Fabulous Moolah’s Dominant streak :

Fabulous Moolah set a standard that every female wrestler wanted to follow. She was among top female wrestlers for decades. Her prime years are 50’s to 70’s. Her longest reign period was around 10170 days.

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